What’s The Real Reason B&B’s Hope Logan Wants Out Of Her Marriage?

Hope is ready to move on from her merry-go-round marriage.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Hope Logan took off her wedding ring and had divorce papers drawn up and signed by the next day. She is over being married to Liam and has several good reasons, but is she being truthful to herself about all of them?

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

In between the wedding ring removal and the divorce paper signing, Hope (Annika Noelle) had quite a time with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). The man she resisted for years was the man who rocked her world in his bed, but is he the reason she ended her marriage or were there others? Perhaps it’s a combination of a lot of things.

No Respect For Liam Spencer

Hope’s eyes were finally opened the moment Liam (Scott Clifton) mentioned divorce first because he couldn’t forgive a kiss. He expected Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to easily forgive him when he kissed Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and expected Hope to forgive him multiple times when he slept with Steffy while either engaged to her or married to her. But Liam couldn’t do the same and Hope decided she was done, according to 1% of you. She lost all respect for her husband but finally felt free.

Hope Logan Is All In For Thomas

Another 31% of you believe that Hope’s attraction to Thomas caused her to want to end her marriage ASAP. After that night with Thomas in which she admitted she never felt that way before, she just couldn’t bring herself to keep fighting for someone like Liam when she had someone like Thomas. While she isn’t ready to be the subject of gossip and announce her new relationship, she can’t deny to herself what she feels. As she told Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), there is a connection that she just can’t ignore.

Liam Can Never Turn Away From Steffy

Hope has spent well over a decade dealing with Liam’s waffling back and forth between her and Steffy. When she was just 18, this seemed to be ok — or at least her mother told her this was ok because Brooke let Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) do the same thing to her and Taylor (Krista Allen) for years. Brooke convinced Hope that Liam was her destiny so even if he cheated on her, she had to keep taking him back.

Thirtysomething Hope Logan is now questioning that and wonders what her mother has been smoking all these years. Why would anyone want to be with a man who dumps one woman for another whenever it suits him, 68% of you wonder. She is done. In fact, she is well done and ready to see what the future holds without ‘Little Puke’ Liam in her life.

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