Who Does B&B’s Liam Spencer Really Love?

Does Liam even know what or whom he wants?

Liam Spencer is without a woman on The Bold and the Beautiful and that just won’t do. Liam always has to have a woman in his life and call their relationship true love.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Liam (Scott Clifton) loved Hope (Annika Noelle). Liam loved Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Liam has gone back and forth between the two of them too many times to count and married both of them multiple times, as well. He’s claimed he’s had a divided heart, but his heart has been divided for more than a decade. So, in the end, who does Liam really love?

Hope For Liam’s Future?

Only 12% of you think that Liam truly loves Hope, the wife that’s had enough of his waffling and sent him packing with divorce papers when he couldn’t forgive her for kissing Thomas. Never mind how many times Hope has forgiven some hard-core cheating. You think Liam is heartbroken and really wants Hope back, but he is not about to fight for their marriage if she won’t. If Liam does truly love Hope and only Hope, then surely Lope will reunite one day so Liam just has to bide his time.

It’s Always Been Steffy

Another 43% of you think that Liam was only married to Hope because she had his baby and Steffy had already dumped him after she caught him having sex with Hope in a dressing room soon after Kelly was born. Every time Hope ever upset him he ran to Steffy and you believe that’s where his heart lies. He may have not had sex with Steffy every time he was upset with Hope (only twice under some extreme circumstances) but Steffy is the one he can tell anything to do so that is who Liam truly loves.

Liam Spencer Only Loves Liam

The final 45% of you are sure the only person Liam loves is himself. In fact, he is incapable of loving anyone else. Everything is always about his hurt and his feelings and his perceived grievances. If Steffy isn’t available for him to whine to, he will whine to anyone else who will listen because to Liam, the world revolves around Liam and he is his own one true love.

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