Tristan Lake Leabu

Tristan Lake Leabu

Birth Name: Tristan Lake Leabu
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Profession: Actor and Musician


Tristan Lake Leabu was born on August 19, 1999 in Los Angeles, California. Both his parents worked in the entertainment industry, so it seemed only natural that Tristan would be attracted to acting.

Leabu would often follow his mother on sets. When the call went out for the Man of Steel’s young son, Jason, in Superman Returns, he stepped up.

Leabu won the role of Jason White over 100,000 hopefuls. Although the movie opened to mixed reviews, Tristan had a wonderful experience and wanted more.

Both of his parents dropped out of the industry, but they supported his passion for acting and gave him a very grounded lifestyle at home.

He continued to book more roles in film and television, landing another film role in the movie The Sitter in 2007. Others followed, such as Least Among Saints, Hawaii Five-O, All American Christmas Carol, The Christmas Spirit, and Losing in Love.

In 2017, Tristan won the role of Reed Hellstrom on The Young and the Restless, and found his first taste of daytime refreshing, enjoying the discipline and quick pace.

When he isn’t acting, Leabu enjoys songwriting and playing multiple instruments. He is looking forward to getting his own place and driving.

Fast Facts

  • August 19, 1999 — Birthdate
  • Both of his parents were models.
  • His father, Jeff, is an artist, singer, guitarist, and an amazing carpenter.
  • His mother, Jennifer, is a singer, plays piano and was once an actress.
  • Won the role of Superman’s son, Jason, over 100,000 kids.
  • Won a Best Supporting Young Artist Award for Superman Returns.
  • He is learning to be a luthier, which is someone who makes and repairs stringed instruments.
  • Is an accomplished musician who sings, plays the guitar and performs his own music.


  • Jeff Leabu – Father
  • Jennifer Leabu – Mother
  • Aria Lyric Leabu – Sister


Tristan Lake Leabu knew he wanted to be an actor at age five. Both his parents work in television and Tristan would often accompany his mother to work, getting an insider’s view of “the business.”

Not long after, Leabu won the role of Lois Lane’s young son, Jason White, in Batman Returns. He landed in Genoa City in January of 2017 after the writer’s decided to bring back the character of Reed Hellstrom a teenager.

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Actor (2 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Young and the Restless (TV Show)

10-20-2017 — 2017
10-19-2017 — 2017
10-18-2017 — 2017

Reed Hellstrom 2017

Superman Returns (Movie)

Jason White 2006