Jordi Vilasuso

Birth Name: Jordi Alejandro Vilasuso
Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States
Profession: Actor

Birth Name: Jordi Alejandro Vilasuso
Birth Place: Miami, Florida
Profession: Actor


Jordi Vilasuso was born in Miami, Florida. Although his family is full of doctors, he knew he wanted to be an actor and a very young age, landing the role of Tommy in The Last Home Run at the age of 15.

His first big break was scoring a role on cult favorite and critics’ darling Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Dixon in the episode titled Primeval in 2000. Jordi was introduced to a much wider audience when he booked the role of Tony Santos on the daytime serial All My Children in 2001.

Vilasuso added credits for Angels Don’t Sleep Here, A Wedding Story: Josh & Reva and No Place like Home while juggling his role on GL until 2003. When his stint ended, Jordi moved on to guest starring roles on 8 Simple Rules, Heights, Lost City, and NUMB3Rs.

In 2006, he inked a deal as a recurring character, Eddie Zarouvian, on the show Fashion House. After it’s cancellation, Jordi booked roles on CSI: Miami, Ready or Night, La Linea, Oba: The Last Samurai and Magic City Memoirs.

In 2010, Jordi snagged the role of Dr. Griffin Castillo on All My Children. The stint lasted a year but he returned for the show’s swan song in 2013. The hard-working actor continued to pound the pavement and landing new credits to pepper his resume such as Parks and Recreations, The Arrangement, Hoke, The Invitation, Impact Earth and Circle.

Vilasuso landed more recurring roles as Tony Morales on The Glades, Isaac Santero on South Beach and Paulo Cavalcanti on Graceland. In 2016, he added a stint as Rafe’s brother, Dario Hernandez, on Days of Our Lives. In 2018, he joined the cast of The Young and the Restless as newcomer Rey.

Other credits include Mafioso, Below the Surface, Altitude, A Cowgirl’s Story, Clyde Cooper and Killer Island.

Jordi resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Kaitlin, and two daughters, Riley and Everly.

Fast Facts

  • June 15, 1981— Birthdate
  • His father is an anesthesiologist.
  • Older brother is in medical school, and has a younger sister.
  • Attended Epiphany Catholic School in Miami, Florida.
  • His cousin, Marivi Lorido Garcia, is married to actor Andy Garcia.
  • Played Andy Garcia’s illegitimate son, Diablo, in La Linea.
  • Is a self-proclaimed Techie and loves to practice yoga.


  • Frank Vilasuso — Father
  • Ana Vilasuso — Mother
  • Marianne Vilasuso — Sister
  • Javier Vilasuso — Brother
  • Kaitlin Riley Vilasuso — Spouse
  • Riley Grace Vilasuso — Daughter
  • Everly Maeve Vilasuso — Daughter


Jordi Vilasuso had a couple of credits under his belt when he landed the role of Tony Santos on Guiding Light in 2001, but that role garnered him an Emmy in 2003 and he has been working continuously ever since.

He went on to star in All My Children, Sunset Beach, The Glades, and guest appearances on shows like 8 Simple Rules, Numb3rs, CSI Miami and Parks and Recreation.

Vilasuso earned praise for multiple feature films before signing on to play Dario Hernandez on Days of Our Lives in February 2016.

Jordi Vilasuso Photos

Actor (8 Credits)

Title Role Year

Days of Our Lives (TV Show)

13203 — 2017
13202 — 2017
13201 — 2017

Dario Hernandez 2017

Graceland (TV Show)

Dog Catches Car — 2015
The Wires — 2015

Paulo Calvacanti 2015

All My Children (TV Show)

All My Children — 2013
All My Children — 2013
All My Children — 2013

Griffin Castillo 2013

CSI: Miami (TV Show)

The Deluca Motel — 2008

Enrico Moldano 2008

Fashion House (TV Show)

Down to the Wire — 2006

Eddie 2006


Assassin — 2005

Gabriel Ruiz 2005

Heights (Movie)

Benjamin's Exes 2005

8 Simple Rules (TV Show)

The First Thanksgiving — 2003

Damian 2003

Guest (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

The View (TV Show)

The View — 2010