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The Young and the Restless Wayback: Remember Diane

The Young and the Restless DianeThe Young and the Restless Diane

Many beautiful women have come and gone from The Young and the Restless, but in soap opera history, few of those ladies can lay claim to having been pursued by both Victor Newman and Jack Abbott! One such woman is Diane Jenkins, played by three dynamic actresses — Alex Donnelly, Susan Walters, and Maura West.

Cat Walk
Diane slept with Jack to land the top model position at Jabot Cosmetics, but along the way, she fell for the cad! When Jack was late for his wedding to innocent Patty Williams, Ashley found her brother in bed with Diane. Patty saw Jack making love to Diane and shot her new groom!

Dandy Andy
Realizing a future with Jack wasn’t going to happen, Diane moved onto an affair with private eye Andy Richards. Alas, Diane, after marrying Andy, was drawn back to Jack. She left Genoa City to travel in Europe, realizing Andy was lost to her.

A decade later, Diane, now a successful architect, came back to Genoa City. Much to Ashley’s dismay, Jack and Diane started seeing each other again. But Victor started to woo Diane away from Jack.

At first, Victor appeared to be romancing Diane for sport, but then the mustached mogul developed genuine feelings for her. Diane was mesmerized by Victor and his world. They wed, breaking Jack’s heart in the process. Victor had a vasectomy without telling his bride.

Plan B
Victor asked Diane for a divorce so he could re-marry Nikki who was on her deathbed. The plan was for Victor and Diane to reunite after Nikki passed away but of course she lived!

This left Diane out in the cold, so she contested the divorce. Diane eventually gave Victor his freedom but stole his sample in order to become pregnant. Nice try, Diane — the baby boy, Kyle, turned out to be Jack’s son!

Losing Kyle
Diane’s next nemesis was Jack’s new wife Phyllis. Her background cost Jack custody of Kyle when he and Diane went to court. Diane set fire to the Abbott pool house where she was living, hoping to frame Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis leveraged Diane’s crimes against her to get custody of Kyle.

Blondes Have Less Fun
Diane returned to Genoa City once again. This time, she romanced Tucker McCall, Katherine Chancellor’s long-lost son, had a fling with former stepson Nicholas, and wormed her way back into Victor’s life.

Unfortunately, Diane amassed quite a few enemies during this time. Eventually, she was found dead in the park. Victor, Jack, Ashley, Nick, Phyllis, Abby, and others were all suspects. Nina’s long-lost son, Ronan Malloy, investigated the crime.

Who Killed Diane?
The killer turned out to be Nikki, but it was determined that she acted in self-defense after Diane attacked her with a syringe. Deacon altered the crime scene, hoping to throw suspicion away from Nikki.

Ironically, his accomplice was Patty, the woman Jack was cheating on when he bedded Diane decades ago. Diane may be gone, but her son, Kyle, remains a part of the Abbott clan. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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