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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember Deacon

The Bold and the Beautiful DeaconThe Bold and the Beautiful Deacon

The pages of soap opera history are filled with the names of many bad boys looking for redemption, but there are few tortured souls like the one belonging to Deacon Sharpe (played by Sean Kanan), whose journey took him to both The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless.

Falling For Deacon
Rick Forrester played with fire when he was trying to woo Amber, his ex-wife, away from pal C.J. Garrison. He tracked down Deacon Sharpe, the birth father of little Eric, and paid him $100,000 for custodial rights! The plan backfired when Deacon’s girlfriend Carmen tried to throw his son over the roof of their apartment building. Little Eric was rescued, but Carmen fell to her death.

Bad Connection
Deacon saw dollar signs when he met Rick’s sister, Bridget. He eloped with her to Las Vegas. Bridget’s family pleaded with Deacon by telephone to let her come home, but Deacon placed the phone in a glass of water, forcing Bridget’s loved ones to listen as he took her virginity and she could not hear their cries of protest. He soon realized that his feelings for Bridget were the real deal.

My Mother-in-Law, My Lover
Brooke pleaded with Deacon to let Bridget go. Their conversations turned horizontal after the two fell into bed and a passionate affair ensued. Brooke became pregnant with Hope, ending Deacon’s marriage to Bridget. The scoundrel left town, but returned, furious that Ridge was raising his daughter.

Meeting Macy
Deacon met Macy at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Their love was short-lived, however, after Macy died (off-camera) when a chandelier fell on her head! Next, Eric and Deacon fought over a gun and Deacon took a bullet.

After he recovered, Deacon gave custody of Hope to Brooke’s new man, Nick. He began an affair with Jackie Marone, infuriating her husband, Massimo. Mass made Deacon think he was drinking again – it was so convincing that Deacon went off to rehab!

Restless Style
Deacon turned up in Genoa City. He got mixed up in an art scam and kidnapped Amber. Deacon conspired with evil Meggie to break up Victor and Nikki, but, after developing genuine feelings for Nikki, Deacon called off the con. Deacon was a key player in the death of Diane Jenkins – he’d seen folks arguing with her the day she was killed in the park.

Next, he whisked Nikki off to Vegas for a quickie marriage. In an effort to protect Nikki (who killed Diane in self-defense), Deacon did further damage to Diane’s corpse – hoping to hide the evidence that pointed to Nikki.

Back To BB Basics
While in jail for obstructing justice, Deacon was contacted by Bill Spencer, who arranged for Deacon’s release. In return, Deacon was to stop the marriage between Hope and Liam in Italy.

Next, Deacon connected with Quinn Fuller, who used Deacon in her scheme to break up Hope and Liam (how did these two ever get together?) Quinn tried to eliminate Deacon when he learned that she was keeping Liam, who had amnesia, from his family.

Deacon met his match in Quinn. After she was shot at (Sheila was nearby…hmmm), Deacon took the fall and went to jail where he remains today, planning, we suspect, his next move! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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