Y&R Spoilers Recap For October 24: Tucker Lures In Devon

Tucker tries to get Devon to give him information about Chancellor-Winters.

Y&R spoilers recap for Monday, October 24, 2022

The Y&R spoilers recap for Monday, October 24, 2022, brings Tucker McCall using his position as Devon Hamilton’s dad to lure him in and get some insider information about Chancellor-Winters.

Y&R Spoilers Recap Highlights

Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) called up Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) to ask for a special evening for him and Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) at Glam Club. Chance showed up at Society with a bouquet, and Abby was full of the drama that had happened with the staff that day, and she wondered if she’d forgotten something huge. However, Chance told her his plans were a big surprise.

Abby and Chance at Society Y&R Spoilers Recap

Chance wanted to leave, but Abby said she didn’t want to because she looked like a disaster. She wanted to delay it, but Chance couldn’t do it the next time. After some back and forth, she declared she wanted to go out with her husband that night. The busy couple arrived at the club, apologizing to Noah for not making opening night, and he gave them the best spot in the house as Abby declared they’d shut the club down.

They talked, and Abby declared herself a nosy aunt and asked Noah about his girlfriend, Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang). Once Noah left, Abby worried about him, but Chance redirected her to focus on themselves. Meanwhile, Noah remembered a heated argument he and Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) had about a gallery opening in London, and he looked miserable.

Nate and Noah and Glam Club Y&R

Earlier, Noah saw Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) sitting alone at the club, and he tried to get him to join in on the action. However, Nate wasn’t interested. Nate tried to push Noah away, but Noah wasn’t leaving him alone, considering the former doctor had saved the lives of many people he loved. Instead, Noah dumped his concerns about his ex-girlfriend returning to town. However, Nate saw through Noah’s attempts to talk, and he asked for a quiet drink on his own.

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Young and the Restless: A Family Affair

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon (Bryton James) updated Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) on his confrontation with Nate. Devon wasn’t thrilled with the outcome, and he relayed that Nate accused him of not wanting to partner with anybody but Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John). While Devon felt it wasn’t true, Lily thought there could be some truth there.

Lily and Devon at Chancellor-Winters Y&R Spoilers Recap

Talk turned to what Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton) wanted to do about the whole fiasco. Devon was stunned to learn that Jill still wanted to go forward with the Initial Public Offering. He wasn’t willing to even entertain the idea of the IPO, despite Jill and Lily’s interest in moving forward. They discussed the Nate situation, and Devon said their cousin had crossed a line that he couldn’t come back from. He told Lily that he’d never forgive Nate.

Lily admitted she was just as furious as Devon was at Nate. Even so, she hated that they were in a situation that can’t be fixed easily. Devon declared the whole thing resolved when Nate walked out the door, and he said they shouldn’t care what happens to Nate. He pointed out that Tucker (Trevor St. John) was likely the Chief Executive Officer that Nate told their plans. Devon called his dad and arranged to meet for a drink at Glam Club.

Lily went to Crimson Lights, and she thought about Nate’s confession, and she looked tormented by the situation. Audra walked in, and she joined Lily. Audra urged caution moving forward with the IPO, but then Lily talked about family issues as Audra listened. Lily admitted she felt guilty, saying the whole thing was her fault. After lamenting how brutal things were, Lily asked Audra for advice, and the younger woman said, “trust no one.”

Even so, Lily said she wasn’t willing to distrust everyone. She noted that she trusted Devon completely. However, Audra said that even those closest to you could betray you, and Audra relayed a story that was obviously about Noah, although Lily didn’t know. Even so, Audra said when money and power are involved, people’s masks come off, and they can betray you. Lily lamented that Neil was gone, and she wished he was still alive. Before Lily left, Audra advised Lily not to allow one person with an ax to grind rob her of the glory of the IPO.

Y&R Spoilers Recap: Not So Glam

In his hotel room, Tucker updated Audra Charles on his meeting with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Talia Morgan (Natalie Morales) trying to interview him. She seemed shocked that Tucker would agree to an interview with Talia after he’d had her series squashed. He admitted that he hadn’t been able to verify that Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) was the CEO colluding with Nate. Tucker declared that they needed a new plan of attack.

Audra and Tucker in his hotel suite Y&R

Audra seemed to think that Tucker getting his foot in the door at Chancellor-Winters wasn’t too likely unless he initiated a hostile takeover. Tucker declared only he and Devon should be running a Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) company. When Tucker got Devon’s call, he agreed to meet his son at Glam Club.

Tucker walked into the club, and Abby freaked out to Chance about their son’s grandpa showing up in town. Of course, Chance kept things reasonable, which irritated Abby. Tucker saw Devon’s irritation at noticing Nate was there, and he offered to leave. Instead, Nate stood up to leave, and Devon snarked at his cousin for leaving. Nate insisted that he was right about Neil, and Devon told him to keep Neil’s name out of his life.

Abby worried about the two men arguing, and she wanted to go over, but Chance insisted on going. He tried to break in, and both Devon and Nate kept yelling until Chance got their attention and told them to cool it. Noah also went over to check on the situation, but Devon insisted everything was fine. Chance went back to his wife, and she blamed Tucker for the altercation, but Chance said it didn’t seem like Devon’s father was the problem. He suggested that they enjoy their night. They flirted with each other until Chance got a text from work, but it wasn’t urgent.

Tucker asked Devon if Nate was the person who shared the information, and Devon noted that it was company information and he didn’t want to talk about it. Devon also admitted that he was suspicious of Tucker’s returning the same week they learned that they had a mole in the company. Tucker told Devon that he was glad that they weren’t much alike. Devon offered to let Tucker meet Dominic, and his dad jumped at the opportunity to meet his grandson.

Tucker also extended his son an open offer to serve as a sounding board without any pressure, and Devon admitted that Nate was the mole. Tucker promised he’d changed, and Devon talked about how much the Winters part of the company meant due to it being a piece of Neil. They talked about Neil, and Tucker apologized for not being there when Devon lost him. Devon declared he hadn’t been held back by Neil’s death, though. Tucker advised his son to think long and hard about it, though, because if Devon did have an issue with moving on, it could lead to Chancellor-Winters’s downfall.

Nate and Audra at Crimson Lights Y&R Spoilers Recap

Nate showed up at Crimson Lights, and he saw Audra sitting alone. She noted he’d just missed Lily, and Nate relayed that he’d just run into Devon. He pointed out that Audra might want to punch him. She told Nate he wasn’t her enemy, though. Audra said she appreciates Nate’s creativity. Nate was wary of Audra’s proclamation, and she asked to know why he did what he did, but Nate wasn’t ready to share.

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Y&R Spoilers: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 

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