Y&R Recap For November 10: Tucker And Diane Have More Secrets

There’s more to learn about what happened in Los Angeles.

Y&R recap for Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Y&R recap for Thursday, November 10, 2022, brings exes together to catch up, somebody asking for a second chance, adulterers wondering if they regretted what they did, and so much more.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) gave Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) new details on Diane Jenkins’s (Susan Walters) time in Los Angeles while Diane begged Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) for a second chance. Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) told Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) she was leaving Genoa City, and Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) tried to make sense of what they did. Now let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

Young and the Restless: Mercy

Tucker pointed Ashley to an article that detailed his and Diane’s escapades in Los Angeles. The duo went into the elevator at Jabot, and Tucker pulled the emergency stop. He explained everything about Diane, himself, and Jeremy Stark (James Hyde). Ashley hadn’t heard about Jeremy, so he relayed the entire sordid cash mule story. Ashley expressed her disbelief as to why Tucker knew everything, especially since Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) hadn’t even uncovered it. Tucker suggested that Ashley use the information to get Diane to leave her family alone.

Tucker defended himself for teaming up with Diane. Ashley was skeptical, though, that Tucker told her everything, especially after he’d teamed up with Diane to get back in her good graces. She asked Tucker straight out what revealing Diane’s background would do to help him. Tucker said he was trying to prove himself to Ashley, and he vehemently declared that all he wanted was Ashley’s forgiveness and trust. He declared that her goal was now his goal, and then Tucker implored Ashley to reveal what she wanted and needed.

Tucker and Ashley Y&R Recap

At the Abbott mansion, Jack got an update from Diane about Harrison. Before he went to check on their grandson, Diane asked him if they could move past her lies and new revelations about her time in Los Angeles. After all, they’d been on the verge of something good until Diane revealed her secret. Jack reminded Diane that he was most concerned over how Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) felt about things, and Diane said that their son understood why she did what she did.

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Jack wasn’t so easily swayed by Diane. He had lots of questions, but she said it seemed good that Jack sounded like he wanted to forgive her. He told her not to read anything into it. Jack wondered when the next shoe would drop and more details would come out about Diane. She begged him to please forgive her and trust that she wouldn’t bring any more heartbreak into Kyle’s life.

Jack Diane Y&R Recap

Jack gave Diane a ride back to the office, and they ran into Ashley and Tucker. Things were awkward, and Tucker invited Ashley to dinner to continue their discussion about L.A. Ashley accepted, and Diane had some pointed questions. Jack asked his sister for a moment before she went back downstairs, so they went into his office, leaving a frustrated Diane outside.

Jack took his sister to task for palling around with Tucker. Ashley stood up for herself, though. She pointed out that Diane had used the whole thing as a bargaining chip. Ashley admitted that there was much more than Diane had already admitted. Jack didn’t want to hear, and he told Ashley she couldn’t ruin Kyle’s relationship with his mom. He didn’t want to know any more of Diane’s secrets.

Jack Ashley Y&R Recap

Diane confronted Tucker outside Society. She explained she hadn’t told Jack everything about L.A., and Tucker reiterated that their business was concluded. He warned Diane to stay out of his way.

Y&R Recap: It Felt So Right, It Felt So Wrong

An angry Amanda told Phyllis the sordid details of what she saw when she returned home from caring for her ailing mother. Phyllis was stunned, and Amanda fed off her pal’s outrage. Amanda proclaimed that Devon and Abby had a profound connection, but Phyllis didn’t buy it. Ultimately, though, Phyllis put the blame entirely on Devon and not Amanda. However, she asked if there was any chance it could’ve been a momentary lapse of reason, and Amanda wasn’t interested in that line of discussion.

Amanda let Phyllis know that she wouldn’t be able to overlook what happened or even forgive Devon. She declared the whole thing over, and Phyllis was unhappy to hear Amanda saying she planned to leave and never come back. Phyllis reminded her that she had worked hard to put down roots and was a power player at Chancellor-Winters. Amanda wasn’t interested in working alongside Devon in any way.

Amanda Phyllis Y&R Recap

Amanda opened up about how taking care of her mom had changed her life. The whole family had made up for lost time. Phyllis understood why her friend was leaving, but she tearfully expressed that she didn’t want Amanda to leave. Phyllis relayed that she didn’t have anybody and that her enemies were her friends. Amanda tearfully wondered if losing her was a fair trade for Devon having a romp in the sheets with Abby.

Y&R Recap: Regrets, They Have A Few…Or Not?

At his penthouse, Abby and Devon tried to figure out what on earth happened. Abby updated Devon on how her discussion went with Chance, and she admitted her husband said he wasn’t the right person for her. Devon didn’t agree with Chance’s thoughts on the situation. She asked him about how things went with Amanda.

Devon sadly relayed that things did not go better with Amanda. He pointed out that Amanda had come home after taking care of her mom. Abby apologized, but Devon said it wasn’t Abby’s fault. Devon admitted that when Amanda left town, he wasn’t able to leave Dominic. Abby suggested both Amanda and Chance might need space, and he admitted that Amanda was going back to Virginia permanently.

Abby Devon Y&R Recap

Devon admitted that he had no idea how to make things right with Amanda and Chance, and she agreed. Devon wondered what they were doing and how the whole thing happened. He insisted it came out of nowhere, but Abby relayed that Chance said he could see Devon and Abby’s hookup coming since his return from Spain because Abby relied on Devon so much.

Abby declared that they’d made a big mistake that could’ve ruined both of their lives. Devon insisted being together one time wouldn’t ruin their lives because they weren’t going to let it. Abby said the world didn’t work that way, and she said that it’d take a miracle for them to make things up to Amanda and Chance. Abby also pointed out that Devon was one of her closest friends, and she worried that things would be weird or uncomfortable forever. Devon wondered if she felt weird, and Abby admitted she hadn’t. Devon declared Abby his best friend.

Even so, Abby wasn’t sure she bought that their sleeping together had just happened. Devon wondered if she was saying that deep down, they both wanted it to happen. Abby reminded him that they weren’t kids anymore, and she revealed that she lay in his arms when it was all over. They pointedly asked each other if they regretted what happened, and Devon admitted that part of him didn’t. Abby insisted that they had to regret what happened because they’d hurt people that they love. Abby wondered if they hadn’t gotten caught, would they still be lying together on the couch? She said they couldn’t do it again, and she wanted to undo the pain they’d caused.

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