Y&R Recap For December 9: Jack And Diane Plot To Fool Jeremy

They hope to throw Jeremy Stark off her trail, but will it work?

Y&R recap for Friday, December 9, 2022 Jack and Diane are playing Jeremy

The Y&R recap for Friday, December 9, 2022, brings a plot to fool a menace, cousins sparring, a couple breaking up, and so much more.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) moves out of his home with Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway), and he later confides in Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) while Abby gets comfort from Devon Hamilton (Bryton James). Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) softens slightly toward Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic), and she manages to offend Devon with a comparison. Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) turns down Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) money offer, so Jack and Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) concoct a plan to throw him off her scent as Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) continues working to lure in Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). Now let’s take a deeper dive into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Goodbye

Chance showed up to say goodbye to Dominic after he finished packing up all his things to leave. Abby cried as he explained to Dominic that sometimes families live apart. The nanny took Dominic to the park, and Abby wanted to talk about visitation schedules. She let him know he was welcome to stop by any time to see the little boy, and Chance said he’d call first. He promised to make seeing their son a priority.

Chance and Dominic Young and the Restless

As Chance left, Abby cried and said she was so sorry for what she’d done. He apologized and reiterated that their split wasn’t caused by one thing or one person. Chance suggested they were doomed from the beginning, and Abby cried that it diminished everything they’d had. Chance said he wanted them both to move on with their lives because he was disconnected from any feelings he might have had for her.

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Chance showed up at Crimson Lights, and Sharon wondered what was wrong. He explained his marriage was over, and he moved out. Chance lamented his losses and admitted that he was sad and numb. Of course, he was also relieved because he had spent so much time trying to make something true that wasn’t. Sharon offered to talk more, but Chance declined. He said he’d love to take her up on the offer later when he had time to process things.

Y&R Recap: Unforgivable

At Society, Nate saw a very unhappy Lily. He thanked her for allowing Elena to come to Newman Enterprises, and Lily admitted she didn’t want to make the doctor stay where she didn’t want to be. Lily explained how much Nate had hurt her, and he said he hoped they would be able to get through everything. He reminded his cousin that Devon played a part in it, and he praised her forgiving heart.

Nate and Lily Y&R Recap

Lily said she wanted to move past the whole thing, but she warned Nate not to push her or Devon. Nate changed the subject and asked what else was going on with Devon since he’d received a message from Imani Benedict about her and Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) staying in Virginia. Lily pointed out it was a family issue, which he wasn’t entitled to know about these days.

Devon showed up, and he and Lily started walking to their table. Nate asked about Amanda, but Devon told his cousin it wasn’t any of his business. When Lily and Devon sat down, she revealed that Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton) wanted to move forward with the Initial Public Offering. Lily wondered if Tucker posed a threat if they went public, and Devon said yes because he wasn’t predictable. Lily wondered how much time Devon needed to figure out what was going on with his father.

Lily Nate and Devon Y&R Recap

Devon changed the subject to what she and Nate had been talking about. She admitted their cousin wanted to move past this, and Devon said good luck with all that. Lily asked Devon if Nate betraying them was any worse than Devon betraying Amanda. Devon was offended by Lily’s question, but she didn’t think it was any different than Nate wanting their forgiveness.

Devon said Nate made calculated plans and didn’t regret it, whereas he and Abby didn’t do what they did on purpose, and they felt terrible. An upset Abby walked in, and Devon excused himself from his and Lily’s table. He found Abby, and she revealed that things were really over with Chance, and they hugged.

Y&R Recap: A Plan

At Jabot, Jack confronted Jeremy, and Diane pointed out that Jeremy mistakenly believed that she’d helped put him away. However, Jeremy said he held no animosity against Diane, and he expressed that he’d used her shamelessly. He also pointed out that she’d never gone to prison because he didn’t breathe her name to the Feds.

Jeremy Diane Jack Young and the Restless

Jeremy did point out that they had a private financial situation to discuss, but Jack wanted to know how much money it would take for Jeremy to leave Diane alone. Diane said no, and Jeremy suggested that they speak privately and work out a payment plan. Diane said she had nothing to repay. Jack invited Jeremy to leave Jabot and never return there or to his home, so Jeremy left.

Diane worried that she was in serious danger, and Jack agreed since Jeremy turned down his offer. Jack wondered if they should involve the police, but Diane said so far, Jeremy had only made innuendos. Diane seemed shocked when Jack suggested that she ask for witness protection, and she refused. Jack admitted he was seriously worried about Diane’s safety, and she had an idea.

Ashley and Tucker had drinks at Society, and she seemed surprised that Tucker had a change of heart. He expressed his surprise at how heavy-handed and unfair they’d all been to Diane. Tucker had an interesting theory that he’d inspired Ashley’s hatred of Diane due to his cheating. Ashley didn’t think Tucker was for real.

Tucker and Ashley Y&R Recap

Ashley clarified to Tucker that all she wanted was for Diane to leave town, and she never meant for things to go this far. She also pointed out that Diane had devastated Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) for her own selfish reasons, so Ashley didn’t feel sorry for Diane in the least. Tucker asked Ashley to let him take the brunt of her anger since he’d cheated on her with Diane.

Once again, Tucker pitched the idea that Ashley should give him one more chance. They finished up lunch, and Tucker noted that Ashley had dodged his questions. She pointed out that there wasn’t much evidence that he’d changed, and Ashley also said she wasn’t ready to give their relationship another shot — she did note that he was persistent. As a parting shot, Ashley promised to direct some of her Diane vitriol at Tucker.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack said that Diane’s plan for Kyle to take her to the cabin and return to Genoa City would throw Jeremy off the scent. Diane expressed that she hated to leave, but she thought it was the best way to make him think she’d left. She also revealed that Phyllis had been with her and Jeremy at Jabot earlier, and Jack angrily wondered if their feud would ever end. He hugged her, and Ashley walked in.

Jack and Diane and Ashley Young and the Restless

Jack walked Diane out, and they whispered about the plan. Diane loudly said goodbye and that she couldn’t jeopardize the Abbotts. After Diane left, Jack yelled at Ashley that Diane was leaving, thanks to her and her friends. Jack accused Ashley of being like a high school mean girl, and Ashley denied having anything to do with Jeremy coming to Genoa City.

In the hallway at The Grand Phoenix, Diane told Tucker she was leaving — all thanks to him. He only had snarky things to say, and he offered her money. Diane slapped him. They had some more back and forth, and she huffed into her room, slamming the door. Inside, she packed her things and looked at the old photo of her, Kyle, and Jack.

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