Easy Does It: Is Y&R’s Jack Abbott Being Too Chill With Diane?

Where is the Jack we know and love?

Young and the Restless Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins

No matter how often Phyllis Summers, Ashley Abbott, and even Summer Newman remind Jack Abbott that Diane Jenkins is the evilest evil whoever eviled, Jack insists on giving his son’s mother the benefit of the doubt.

Young and the Restless Polling

He cares more about supporting Kyle Abbott’s relationship with Diane than he does about being petty. But is he being too chill with the lying liar?

Take Off Those Rose Colored Glasses

God, yes, a majority 87% of you groan. Jack (Peter Bergman) is usually a pretty savvy guy. Well, except for that time he got played by that Jabot executive who changed her name… and her accent. And the time his wife, the aforementioned Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), cheated on him with his own brother. And the way Ashley (Eileen Davidson) made him think he wasn’t John Abbott’s son.

But, you know, otherwise, so savvy. So why is he letting Diane (Susan Walters) play him like this? We understand the concern for Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez). But he should get out ahead of the problem, and be proactive, not reactive. This is not the Jack we know and love. And we would love it if he were a bit more knowing where Diane is concerned.

Young and the Restless’s Jack Abbott: All Right

Jack is the only sane man left standing, 8% of the audience counters. He is the only one who hasn’t become completely deranged over Diane. And we’d really love it if he stayed that way.

Y&R: Either Way

It’s still too early to tell, either way, 5% hedge. If Diane really has spilled all of her secrets then, really, we can’t tell what’s so awful. Certainly, no worse than what anyone in Genoa City has done. I there’s more, however… Well, in that case, go get her, Jack! Hit that bitch with your frowniest of frowny faces!

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