Young and the Restless Judge Not: Is Jack Being Fair To Phyllis?

Jack has been getting closer, or so it seems, to Diane Jenkins. She seems to get away with a lot more than Phyllis was ever allowed!

Young and the Restless Phyllis and Jack

Kyle Abbott and Jack Abbot keep finding themselves in the middle of the feud between Phyllis Summers and Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless. They tried treating the women like toddlers and telling them that it doesn’t matter who started it, the next time there is any kind of problem, they’re both getting fired – so play nice!

Young and the Restless Polling

But is Jack (Peter Bergman) prioritizing the mother of his son over the mother of his…daughter in law (who, for a period of time, was believed to be his…that’s not creepy at all)?

Young & Restless: Unfair Play

Jack is totally not being a fair broker, 75% of the audience scoffs. Whenever it comes down to the wire, Jack always chooses Diane (Susan Walters) over Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). It all started when Phyllis slept with Jack just so she could rub Diane’s face in their glorious, renewed love – and Jack felt used. Come on, dude, toughen up! Don’t you realize your role is to be there for Phyllis, no matter what? So she has lied to you, and cheated on you, and used you. At least she isn’t, you know…Diane.

Young and the Restless: Self Destruct

A much smaller 16% of you assert that Jack is – finally! – seeing Phyllis for who she truly is, and reacting accordingly. He gave her the benefit of the doubt time after time after time, and she proved to be her own worst enemy. It only makes sense that now Jack is giving Diane the same chance. In the hope that she will prove to be a better investment.

Y&R: What’s Next?

Only 9% are withholding judgment until you see how Jack reacts to the latest brouhaha. Diane played the victim and turned in her resignation first, which left Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) with no choice but to sack Phyllis, as well. Jack told Kyle to give both women some time to cool off. Let’s see how it all shakes out.

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