Y&R Recap: Christine Vows To Find Out What Phyllis Is Hiding

Phyllis Summers might not be able to fool the District Attorney.

the young and the restless recap for july 20, 2023, has christine confronting phyllis.Christine Williams wasn't having it with Phyllis.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, July 20, 2023, brings a clash between Christine and Phyllis.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Tucker (Trevor St. John) tries to get Diane and Phyllis riled up. Ashley tries to get information about Jack from Billy and fails. Tucker isn’t sure he can believe Ashley’s declaration of love. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Catfight Denied

At Society, Tucker knew just how to get under Diane’s skin. He told Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) that Kyle and Jack were the key to getting her nemesis to explode. Phyllis said she needed time and promised to move forward with a plan, but she refused to get her children involved in the situation.

He warned her that Carson wasn’t all that trustworthy, threatening Phyllis to do his bidding. She tried to get information from Tucker about his plans for Jabot, but he shut Phyllis down.

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At the Abbott mansion, Diane (Susan Walters) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) exchanged stilted pleasantries, and then Ashley wondered if Phyllis getting off would infuriate Diane. Diane insisted she was calm, cool, and collected, but Ashley didn’t buy Diane’s new “live and let live” attitude.

Later, Diane walked into Society and put on a calm face, and she faced Phyllis as Tucker looked on with glee. Tucker tried to get a catfight started, but Diane refused. She welcomed Phyllis home and noted how they’d both fallen prey to Jeremy Stark. Diane announced she was ready to move on, instead of gunning for Phyllis.

Tucker yelled at Diane to stop wasting time, but she wouldn’t fall for his goading. Phyllis thanked Diane for her compassion and empathy. She left, and Diane threw her truce with Phyllis in Tucker’s face. He goaded her further for “losing” round one to Phyllis.

Alone at a table in Society, Diane looked miserable as she flashed back to Phyllis ranting about her not staying dead on the night of the gala. A sweet text from Jack brought a smile to her face. Billy came in, and he let Diane know they had big problems since Ashley found out about Jack’s trip to New York.

He asked Diane if she was serious about not stepping down from Jabot because they’d need her help if she stayed. Diane said she had no intention of leaving, and she vowed to fight for Jabot.

Young and the Restless Recap: It’s Love

Earlier, Ashley took a call from Brian, and she was stunned to hear something that Jack did. Billy (Jason Thompson) showed up, and Ashley updated her brother on Phyllis’s return and Kyle and Summer’s separation.

Billy wondered why he was there, and Ashley acted like she wanted just to see her brother. She planted some worries about Jack in Billy’s head. She taunted Billy about not knowing why Jack was in New York. He told Ashley that he and Jack felt her new company was a threat to Jabot, and Billy warned his sister that they would respond in kind to aggressive moves.

Tucker walked in, and Billy wasn’t happy to see him with a key to the house. Billy left, and Ashley let Tucker know they had trouble. She informed her fiancé that Jack was meeting with board members and trouble was brewing. Tucker dismissed her biggest worries and tried to turn talk to their wedding.

Not surprisingly, Ashley wasn’t interested in planning a wedding with everything else they had going on. She let him know she couldn’t get under Diane’s skin, and Tucker admitted the same thing happened when he saw Diane and Phyllis together.

He tried to discuss their wedding again, and Ashley said she didn’t want to use their wedding as a weapon. She admitted she was falling in love with Tucker, but he wasn’t quite sure Ashley really meant it.

Y&R Recap: Enemies

At the GCAC, Christine (Lauralee Bell) flashed back to her confronting Phyllis for running down her and Paul on what would’ve been their wedding day. Later, Christine took a phone call, and she came face-to-face with her nemesis. Phyllis insinuated that Christine had a vendetta, but the DA denied she would bend the law to hurt Phyllis.

Christine vowed she’d follow the evidence, and Phyllis insisted it would show she killed Jeremy in self-defense. However, Christine didn’t believe the EMT was a reliable witness. Phyllis walked away, and Christine followed her, asking what Phyllis wasn’t admitting to. “Do you have something else you want to confess?” Christine asked.

Phyllis denied it, and she reiterated that she had been abused by Jeremy. She maintained that she came back out of the goodness of her heart. Christine said she appreciated that Phyllis did the right thing, but she wasn’t quite sure Phyllis was telling the truth. She vowed she’d find out what felt off with Phyllis.

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