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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Christine Blair Williams

The Young and the Restless ChristineThe Young and the Restless Christine

From teen model to crusading advocate – Christine Blair Williams on The Young and the Restless has certainly undergone quite the evolution during her 37-year tenure.

Who Is Christine Blair Williams?

Born Christine Marie Ellen, “Cricket” arrived in Genoa City a wide-eyed innocent eager to join her cousin Joe at Jabot Cosmetics. She was employed as a model for the company’s teen line, and Cricket quickly found herself used as a pawn in Jill Abbott’s scheme to extricate her son, Phillip, from the influence of Nina Webster.

Though Cricket and Phillip did develop genuine feelings for one another – and even went so far as to become engaged – the relationship was halted when she found him in bed with Nina.

Soon after, Cricket was raped by Derek Stuart, an acquaintance who attempted to murder her when she had him prosecuted for the crime. In the aftermath of the assault, Cricket shed her nickname, tendered her resignation at Jabot, and enrolled in law school.

Post-graduation, Christine joined the offices of Whitman, Walker, and Wilson where she endured sexual harassment from her colleague Michael Baldwin. Once again, Christine filed a suit. Michael was eventually disbarred, and his subsequent stalking and kidnapping of Christine resulted in his imprisonment.

Love – It’s Complicated

Though Christine excelled in her chosen career, her personal life left much to be desired. Off her broken engagement to Phillip, she was romanced by Scott Grainger. But they had to call it quits once a familial connection was discovered – they both shared the same father, Scott Grainger Sr.

A future with Danny Romalotti seemed possible but after their 1990 wedding, the couple was torn asunder by the machinations of Phyllis Summers. In time, Christine fell in love with Paul Williams, a private investigator.

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The two continued to bond during frequent sleuthing missions – such as the hunt for Jack Abbot’s son, Keemo Volien – and when Paul finally plucked up the courage to propose, Christine enthusiastically agreed.

Unfortunately for the newly engaged pair, a homicide-inclined Phyllis ran them over only days prior to their ceremony – it was her response to having witnessed Christine offer Danny a farewell kiss.

The near-death experience briefly reunited Christine and Danny, but it also served to solidify her desire to marry Paul. The eventual union between the equally headstrong duo was almost immediately strained.

Both prioritized their careers, and Christine’s decisions to testify at Michael Baldwin’s parole hearing, open a law firm with him, and accept a case that would see her relocate to Hong Kong indefinitely caused further conflict.

Paul, in turn, slept with and impregnated Isabella Brana – a psychotic who eventually attempted to eliminate Christine! Divorce was inevitable. But even though Christine briefly returned to Danny, she and Paul eventually reunited and re-married the same day, and in the same location, that the memorial for Katherine Chancellor was held.

Christine Blair Williams – Legal Eagle
Among the many cases that Cristine tackled as a defense attorney was the State of Wisconsin v Daniel Romalotti (for the vehicular manslaughter of Cassie Newman) and The People v Ridge Forrester (for the murder of Shane McGrath).

She also served as both the Assistant District Attorney and the District Attorney though she relinquished the latter office in order to devote more time to her relationship with Paul. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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