Victor Newman Makes Kyle A Surprising Proposal

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, January 13, 2023 has Victor Newman now scheming with Kyle…once again.

young and the restless kyle abbott in a suit schemes with victor newman at societyKyle and Victor

On today’s Young and the Restless, Victor Newman was scheming once again but his partner in crime was a bit different, and yet not the first time these two have teamed up, while elsewhere big decisions are made and blame is thrown around.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Diane Jenkins worked to reassure Jeremy that she could steal from Nikki with no problems, but Phyllis saw them together and went straight to Nikki. Tucker McCall tried to blame Audra for everything that went wrong, and Nate showed up, wondering how they knew each other. Ashley decided to leave for Paris, despite Tucker’s begging. Adam thought it was strange to see Victor meeting with Kyle. Sally Spectra tried to keep her pregnancy a secret from Nick. Now let’s dig a bit deeper into what happened.

Y&R: Diane Jenkins Works On Jeremy

Diane (Susan Walters) and Kyle enjoyed some coffee on the patio at Crimson Lights. Kyle (Michael Mealor) updated his mom that Summer had decided not to take Harrison and go to Paris. Diane expressed her relief at not having an ocean separating her from her grandson.

kyle abbott wearing a dark suit sits on the crimson lights patio with diane who is wearing a black dress
Kyle and Diane on “The Young and the Restless”

Kyle worried about his dad stealing from Nikki, but Diane reassured her son that she felt entirely sure their plan would work, and she’d be able to prove herself to Jeremy. However, Kyle noticed that his mother seemed to be getting a kick out of playing the game, and that worried him.

Diane denied that she was thriving on the thrill and also said she wasn’t letting Jeremy suck her in. Even so, Kyle declared he wanted it all over with as soon as possible, so Diane left to meet Jeremy for drinks at Glam Club. Kyle asked his mom to be careful.

Inside Crimson Lights, Kyle got a call, and Tucker showed up. Kyle took the opportunity to tell Tucker he should leave town. Tucker denied he had any interest in Jabot, but he admitted he hadn’t given up on Ashley. However, Kyle took great delight in telling Tucker he was too late since his aunt was headed to Paris.

Diane arrived at a Glam Club, and she greeted Jeremy with air kisses. He wanted an update about their “project.” As they talked, Phyllis walked in, noticing them together. Diane tried to put off Jeremy by reminding him that she’d surprise him. She reassured him that she had everything perfectly under control, but he wanted more information. Instead, Diane teased him with the news that she was headed to Chicago to get some expensive jewelry she planned to steal from Nikki.

diane jenkins wearing a black dress sitting on a velvet chair next to jeremy stark wearing a blue suit at glam club
Diane and Jeremy on “The Young and the Restless”

Jeremy appreciated the poetic nature of Diane’s scheme. Even so, he didn’t think she could do it on her own. Jeremy insisted that Diane tell him how she planned to pull off the heist. Instead, she told Jeremy to stop underestimating her, and she reminded him how much of an insider she was in Genoa City. He said he could almost trust her, and Diane guaranteed him he’d be 100% sold after he received the goods from her.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) left Glam Club, and she met Nikki at Crimson Lights. She updated her partner in crime on Diane being back in town and everything she’d done since she returned. The bombshell was that Phyllis saw Diane looking cozy with Jeremy. Again, they both talked about what they could do to get rid of Diane.

Young and the Restless: Audra Charles Tells Nate The Truth

Earlier, Audra did some Newman Media business in her hotel room, when a knock came. She opened the door to Tucker, and he wasn’t at all thrilled with the way things went down at Chancellor-Winters. Tucker accused Audra of failing him and blowing his relationship with Devon. He vowed not to forget what she’d done.

audra charles wearing a short black dress in her hotel room bends and yells at a sad tucker mccall who is sitting on a chair
Tucker and Audra on “The Young and the Restless”

“That sounds like a threat,” Audra said.

“Consider it a promise,” Tucker said ominously. “One I intend to keep.”

Audra said that Devon figured the whole thing out when he realized she and Tucker shared the same phone alert. Tucker seemed surprised to hear it, and Audra pointed out that something so minor never should’ve piqued Devon’s interest. She blamed that on Tucker’s poor relationship with Devon, which made the younger man suspect his father.

Audra railed at Tucker for always choosing manipulation over honesty. She laid the blame at his feet, and Tucker whined that Devon wouldn’t return his calls or let him see Dominic. Tucker declared all he wanted was to build something with his son — the same thing he wanted to do with Ashley.

Audra told Tucker life wasn’t fair, and she insisted that she was through with Tucker. Nate knocked on the door, so Audra let him in. He asked if she had a problem with Tucker, and the latter left. Nate seemed surprised Audra knew Tucker, and he wanted to know how Audra knew Devon’s father.

She gave Nate the truth about her helping Tucker take over Chancellor-Winters when it went public. Audra gave him the details of the whole sordid plan, which started before she even showed up in Genoa City. She even disclosed that they shared a personal and business connection. He noted that Audra lied to him, and she said she’d hoped she could prove herself before Nate learned the truth.

Nate wasn’t thrilled that he’d hired her without all the facts, but she insisted she was through with Tucker and her business skills spoke for themselves. She said if he wasn’t happy, she would understand if Nate rescinded her employment offer at Newman Media.

Nate realized Audra’s story made sense. He realized she was relieved that the spotlight was on him when everything went down between him and his cousins. Audra said his confession had been quite surprising, and he pointed out that if he’d stayed the course, it would’ve ruined Tucker’s plan. Nate ultimately let Audra know his job offer still stood.

Ashley Abbott Prepares To Leave Genoa City

Tucker showed up at the Abbott mansion, and Ashley was packing for Paris. He asked her to listen to what he had to say. He said he’d done everything wrong when it came to Ashley, but she noted nothing he’d said was an apology. Tucker apologized. He said he desperately wanted her happiness, but Ashley remained unmoved.

She didn’t appreciate that Tucker made his decisions without consulting her and said he didn’t really know her. Tucker vehemently professed his real and profound feelings for Ashley. He begged her to give him another chance. Ashley said she’d started feeling a reconnection, but her instincts had told her not to get involved with Tucker. She said she should’ve listened to them.

He wanted to know why, and Ashley reminded him he was a crappy partner. She railed at him for not being straight with her, and she revealed she couldn’t wait to get on the plane. Ashley refused to tell Tucker when she’d be back. She asked him to leave, so he did.

Victor Newman Makes A Surprising Proposal

Sally and Nick enjoyed their date at Society, and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) walked in, but he didn’t confront them. Adam went to the bar, but Nick said they should leave because he thought Sally seemed stressed. Sally refused to let Adam ruin their time together.

adam newman wearing a dark suit and coat sees sally spectra and nick newman holding hands at a table at society
Adam sees Sally with Nick on “The Young and the Restless”

Sally praised not having to wake up to an alarm clock. She also asked Nick to give her some tips for impressing Jill. He warned Sally not to BS Jill or fake expertise. Nick’s advice was to let Jill know if there was something she didn’t know. When it came down to it, Nick advised Sally to be real with Jill.

Nick got a text from his nanny, and Adam and Sally shared a look while Nick replied. After Nick was finished, he went back to telling Sally all about how to deal with Jill. He took the moment to give Sally a pep talk, and she asked Nick for them to leave because she wanted to get him alone.

Sally and Nick left just as Kyle showed up. He said hello and walked over to greet Adam at the bar.

adam newman looks annoyed sitting at the bar at society as kyle abbott confronts him
Kyle approaches Adam on “The Young and the Restless”

“Something on your mind?” Adam asked.

“Wow! Is that what passes as hello these days?” Kyle wondered.

Adam wanted to enjoy his drink, but Kyle took the opportunity to dig at Adam over Sally choosing Nick instead of him. Victor walked in for a meeting with Kyle, and Adam was instantly suspicious. Victor told his son he wanted to catch up with his granddaughter’s husband.

Kyle and Victor made small talk, but Kyle wanted to know what the older man wanted. Victor finally got around to the reason for the meeting.

“How is Adam doing at Jabot?” he asked.

Kyle said Adam seemed to be doing okay at Jabot. Victor pointed out that Kyle couldn’t possibly be happy with Adam at his family’s company. Victor was frank with Kyle, saying they should remedy the fact that Adam was working there.

sally and nick hugging in her hotel room as she notices something
Sally holds Nick on “The Young and the Restless”

Back at Sally’s hotel room, she started slowly undressing Nick. As they started making out, Sally noticed the prenatal vitamins that Chloe had left on the coffee table. She suggested a shower, asking Nick to get the water warmed up. When he left the room, she quickly hid the pills in her purse.

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