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Did Ashley Abbott Just Play Tucker McCall on Y&R?

Or is she hiding a bigger secret?

Ashley Abbott Y&R

Ashley Abbott just slept with ex-husband Tucker McCall on The Young and the Restless. This happened weeks after her swearing that we are never, ever getting back together. Not that they’re back together. Maybe she was just bored. And, if that was the case, then we are happy to say: You go, girl! But what if it was more than that? What if Ashley wasn’t just looking for an afternoon’s entertainment? What if she was deliberately manipulating Tucker to find out what he was planning for Chancellor-Winters…and for Jabot?

Ashley Abbott: Good For the Goose

Back in the day, Smiling Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) never hesitated to jump into bed if it could help him with a business conundrum. Baby sister Ashley (Eileen Davidson) was more principled than that.

But as Jack has become more and more of a stick in the mud, the Abbott family needs someone more badass. And since Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) is too sweet, while Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) is too big of a screw-up, that leaves it up to Ashley to take care of her family…the soap opera way.

Two Y&R Choices

Besides, Ashley sleeping with Tucker (Ttevor St. John) in order to play him is so much more interesting than her falling for him again. Ashley swore she wouldn’t let Tucker hurt her again.

He tried to convince her he’d changed. But, considering that Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) barged into Tucker’s room just as their afterglow was fading — and after Tucker found Ashley looking through Jabot financials that he somehow had — and Ashley got an earful of Devon cutting all ties with Tucker, that seems rather unbelievable.

Ashley Abbott: Fooled You

Ashley told Tucker she’d known it all along. She never trusted him. She just slept with him to find out what he was really hiding. And the plan seems to have worked. Except Ashley sleeping with Tucker didn’t bring Devon to his room. Which leaves us wondering if she was telling the truth. Or just saving face.

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