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Lily Winters Declares Devon Hamilton Is Just Like Victor Newman

In the recap for January 11, 2023, Lily Winters was not at all pleased about her brother’s plan.

young and the restless lily winters shocks devonLily Winters shocks Devon

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, January 11, 2023, brings Lily Winters breaking hearts, Chance Chancellor listing his regrets, Victor Newman making a surprise visit, and so much more.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Lily got busy ending things (again) with Billy, and then she yelled at Devon over his company. Abby got offended by Chance’s accusation, and Sharon offered a listening ear. Victor Newman surprised Chelsea with a visit, and Adam didn’t like it. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Lily Winters Declares It’s Over

Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) showed up at Chancellor-Winters. He had a game to play, and Lily reluctantly played. She picked a hand, and Billy opened it to show her a chocolate just like the one he gave her for Valentine’s Day 2022. He said he didn’t want to give up on them and asked Lily if she did. She wanted to know what the other hand had, and it was the same chocolate.

However, Lily (Christel Khalil) said they couldn’t go back. Billy insisted that they could, despite their disastrous couple’s counseling session. Lily admitted that she had been feeling that way for months, and while she’d loved him daily, it wasn’t enough, and Billy was dissatisfied with his life. He insisted they could get past this moment, but Lily said relationships shouldn’t hurt so much. He apologized for causing her pain. Ultimately Lily said Billy had walked away from their relationship a long time ago, and it was clear the path Billy was taking didn’t lead to her.

billy abbott surprising lily winters with a red heart chocolate at her office at chancellor winters

Lily exclaimed how much she’d loved their time together and how special it was. She said they’d been perfect until they weren’t. Lily very pointedly let Billy know that they were over. The two congratulated each other on such an adult breakup, and Billy wished he was as strong as Lily, but she said he was.

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Lily got a phone call, and she figured it was Jill (Jess Walton), so she promised not to say anything to Billy’s mom about their breakup. Billy left, and Jill let Lily know what Devon had decided, which left Lily stunned. She showed up at Devon Hamilton’s and immediately took him to task over what he’d done. Lily accused Devon (Bryton James) of stabbing her in the back.

She ranted that he’d made a decision without even talking to her about it. He said all he wanted was for her to go back to her company, and he could go back to his. Lily insisted Devon could have more autonomy, but he said it was impossible if they took it public. Devon said he’d made too many mistakes because he hadn’t been listening to his instincts. Lily said Jill thought he was doing it because of what happened with Abby, but Devon said he’d never felt comfortable with the merger.

lily winters yelling at devon hamilton at his penthouse behind his light couch

He apologized to Lily. She reminded him that they’d been a team, working together to honor Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John). Lily accused her brother of being no different than Nate. Devon took offense to Lily’s characterization. He said all he’d done was try to protect and preserve Hamilton Winters and their father’s legacy. He wanted to protect it from shareholders. Devon also said Chancellor shouldn’t go public either.

She said Devon had hurt her, pointing out that her brother sounded exactly like Victor Newman and nothing like Neil Winters, and she exited. Later, Devon opened the door to a sad Abby (Melissa Ordway), and he said he was happy to see her face. Abby wondered if he really meant it. Devon said he would never not be happy to see Abby and said she could come see him anytime.

Young and the Restless Recap: The Blame Game

Earlier, at Crimson Lights, Sharon (Sharon Case) served Chance a brew she created that was inspired by their first supper club — a Moroccan spiced coffee. The two flirted a bit, and Sharon said she was up for anything and everything regarding their upcoming dinner. Chance suggested they get a big map and some darts, which Sharon liked.

Abby walked in and wanted to talk to Chance (Conner Floyd). She noted how happy Chance looked, but he wasn’t interested in small talk. Instead, he asked if things were okay with Dominic, and Abby reassured him. She said she’d made a decision, and Chance said she didn’t have to run those by him anymore. She revealed she planned to move out of the Chancellor mansion. Chance assumed Abby was going to move in with Devon.

chance chancellor and abby newman arguing on the patio at crimson lights

Abby was offended by that assumption. She said it was Chance’s family home, but he said it was Dominic’s home. He talked her into staying, and Chance wanted to leave, but Abby yelled at him about what he’d said. Chance let her know that he didn’t have a clue who she was after she had sex with Devon. He flipped out about how Abby was spending every waking moment with the guy who’d ruined their marriage. Abby left in a huff, and Sharon looked on at Chance.

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Chance apologized for his outburst, but she let him know it wasn’t necessary. He admitted that he couldn’t shake the sense of failure he’d had since things went down with Abby. Sharon said Chance wasn’t the one who cheated, but he reminded Sharon that he’d left Abby home alone while he went overseas. He regretted putting his job over everything else too many times, but he wondered who he was without his job.

Victor Surprises Chelsea With A Visit

Victor (Eric Braeden) showed up at Chelsea’s, and she had to end a phone call. She invited him in and let Victor know that Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) loved the soccer game he’d gotten him. They discussed the importance of family. Victor revealed that he came to her home in peace and even told Chelsea that he was happy to see Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) and Connor growing closer as brothers.

Victor finally told Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) that he’d seen both Adam and Victoria watching her closely during the holidays. Then, he reminded her how he’d prevented Chelsea from being charged for the attempted murder of Rey Rosales, and he said he was there to help her again if she needed it.

Chelsea appreciated his offer, but she said she didn’t need anything from him. Victor said Connor was his only concern, and he didn’t want the little boy to be burdened with adult problems, and he reminded Chelsea she was part of his family. Chelsea was happy, and he reminded her that if she needed a break that he and Nikki would be there to take care of Connor.

Adam (Mark Grossman) knocked on the door, and Chelsea opened it. He wasn’t thrilled to see Victor and let his father know he had an issue with him being there. Adam firmly told Victor that he should come to him if the grandpa had questions about his grandson, but Victor said he’d talk to whoever he wanted whenever he wanted, and then he left.

Chelsea told Adam that Victor had helped her see something more clearly, but Adam wasn’t convinced. Chelsea said it seemed that Victor truly cared about her, and she wondered if she should tell him the truth. Adam said it was Chelsea’s choice, but Victor didn’t need to know unless she wanted.

adam newman and chelsea lawson at her apartment in front of a light colored couch.

Chelsea cried about how much pain she would’ve caused people if she’d been successful, and Adam reminded her that it was only one terrible moment in time and that she was getting better. He reminded Chelsea that she took care of Connor and suggested they go get some food, but Chelsea declined. She said she wanted to be alone, so Adam decided to leave.

Victor met Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) at Society, and he complimented her, but Nikki insisted Victor tell her what was wrong. He let Nikki know that he’d visited Chelsea and something was afoot. Neither Nikki nor Victor knew what was going on with Chelsea. He wondered if she was ill, but Nikki dismissed that. They both decided to find out what was going on with Connor’s mom.

Adam walked in, and they invited him to join them. He had a warning for Victor, though — leave his family alone. Victor warned Adam to watch his tone, but Adam asked his dad to spare him his advice. Victor reminded Adam that he always came back to him when he needed his father. Then, Victor suggested that the time would come again soon, but Adam declared he’d had enough and left. Nikki tried to soothe her husband. Victor vowed to give Adam a wake-up call and make him hit rock bottom to get him to realize where he belongs.

At Chelsea’s, she opened her door and found Billy sitting against it, crying.

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