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Daniel Romalotti Attacks Jeremy Stark Over Phyllis’s Death

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, April 4, 2023, brings Daniel reacting harshly to the news of his mother’s death.

daniel romalotti attacks jeremy in the young and the restless recap for april 4, as danny holds him back and sharon watchesDaniel Romalotti reacts to the Young and the Restless news about Phyllis.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday brings Daniel Romalotti attacking Jeremy over Phyllis’s death.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Ashley comforts Summer (Allison Lanier) while Kyle worries about his wife. Chance worked to get to the bottom of things concerning Phyllis. Jeremy blamed everyone, especially Diane and Jack for Phyllis’s death. Sharon and Daniel talked about Cassie. Victoria rescinded her offer to buy McCall Unlimited, and Devon asked Abby again to move in with him. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Daniel Romalotti Thinks Something Doesn’t Add Up

At the lounge, Summer collapsed as Chance (Conner Floyd) continued to explain what happened to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). Danny (Michael Damian) hugged Daniel (Michael Graziadei), and Chance checked on Sharon (Sharon Case), considering it was so much like the night Rey died.

summer receives support after learning phyllis died.
Summer receives support after learning Phyllis died.

Diane (Susan Walters) told Jack (Peter Bergman) how she’d prayed Phyllis would survive. However, Jeremy (James Hyde) said it was exactly what Diane wanted to happen. Jack insisted that everyone in the room was devastated by Phyllis’s death, and he suggested Jeremy leave. However, Jeremy insisted he was Phyllis’s husband.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) got Summer to leave, and Nick kissed his daughter goodbye. Jack gave Summer his condolences, and so did Diane.

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Jeremy gave Chance a hard time over what really happened, and he said he wasn’t going to accept Chance’s word for it. He called Chance’s investigation suspicious, and he insisted that Chance looks into what went on before the accident. Jeremy demanded answers, and he went to get some answers.

Daniel told Chance that something didn’t add up. Later, Chance questioned the EMT more, wondering what had happened with the blood he took from Phyllis.

Nick and Sharon talked, and she worried she was responsible for what happened to Phyllis. She noted that Lauren had wondered if it was a side effect of the coma she’d had years ago. Nick reassured her that it couldn’t have been that.

However, Nick suggested that maybe Diane caused whatever happened to Phyllis, and he relayed that Jeremy stole a necklace from his parents. Nick also thought that Jeremy might be to blame.

Jack and Diane sat at a table, and he said he wanted to know what happened to Phyllis. He couldn’t believe that she was gone, and Diane noted that he’d loved her in the past. Jack also felt concerned over Diane since Jeremy had implicated her. He said that it came down to Jeremy’s word against Diane, and Jack said he wanted to know every move Jeremy made and everything Chance found.

Diane began crying that Phyllis’s last moments were spent attacking her and Jack. She worried that the memory would haunt Summer forever.

ashley and kyle comfort summer.
Ashley Abbott and Kyle comfort Summer.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer walked in, and she told Ashley (Eileen Davidson) that Phyllis was dead. Ashley tried to comfort Summer, and she said in the past few months, she and Phyllis had some common ground. She let Summer know how fearless Phyllis was, and Ashley reminded Summer how much Phyllis loved her. Summer admitted she hadn’t been the best daughter, but Kyle and Ashley told her that all that mattered was that Phyllis had loved her.

Summer thanked Ashley for saying such nice things about Phyllis. Ashley said they were true, and Summer went upstairs. Ashley and Kyle talked about how tough it was for Summer.

Young and the Restless Recap: Exes and Ohs

Back at the jazz club, Danny walked up to Jack, and they couldn’t believe Phyllis was really gone. They talked about what she’d meant to them. Danny mentioned that they’d made amends over the holidays, and he’d hoped he and Phyllis could be friends. Nick walked up, and he pointed out how Phyllis would feel about her three exes talking about her together.

Jeremy walked up telling them how horrible they were to Phyllis. Jack told Jeremy to shut up or leave. However, Jeremy warned Jack that he wouldn’t let him or Diane get away with what they’d done to Phyllis.

Chance needed a warrant to test Phyllis’s blood if it still existed. He wondered if perhaps there was more to the whole situation.

daniel apologizes to sharon over cassie.
Daniel Romalotti apologizes to Sharon over Cassie on The Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless Recap: Daniel Romalotti Talks Grief

Sharon sat down with Daniel. He said it didn’t seem real that Phyllis was gone, and Sharon reminded him it was a normal reaction. However, Daniel said it was more than a grief reaction. He simply couldn’t believe that Phyllis and Jeremy got married. He thought there were too many coincidences for it to be real. Daniel remembered Cassie, and he apologized to Sharon. She let him know that life wasn’t always logical.

Daniel recalled the last conversation he had with Phyllis. Sharon hoped those words would help bring Daniel some peace. He regretted freezing Phyllis out. Even so, he thought the whole conversation with Phyllis was off. It was like she had a premonition.

Jeremy walked up to Jack and Diane, blaming Diane for killing her. Daniel approached and yelled at Jeremy, blaming him for Phyllis dying. However, Jeremy told Daniel that everyone had turned their backs on Phyllis, and he suggested Daniel look in the mirror for who to blame.

Daniel lost it and tried to fight Jeremy, but Danny pulled him off. He said he knew Jeremy was the one who hurt Phyllis, and he was going to prove it. Chance walked in, and he once again gave his condolences. Unfortunately, Chance had nothing new to report, and he suggested that everybody go home. Jeremy suggested that Chance was trying to hide something, and he let them all know it wasn’t over.

jack gives jeremy a warning as he and diane leave.
Jack Abbott gives Jeremy a warning.

As everyone left, Jack walked up to Jeremy, warning him that Daniel wasn’t the only one he’d have to worry about. They left, and Chance and another member of the Genoa City Police Department talked. She asked Chance if he thought one of them had harmed Phyllis, and he thought it was possible. He thought it was possible somebody tried to kill Phyllis.

Young and the Restless: Tucker Talks Victoria Out Of McCall

At the Society bar, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) talked up all the freedom that Tucker (Trevor St. John) could have if he sold to her. Victoria wanted to know what she could offer him that he wouldn’t turn down.

Tucker admitted he had a price, and Victoria could pay for it. Of course, he wondered why she would want a failing company. Victoria enlightened Tucker about the value of his company, pointing out why she wanted it. He suggested that Victoria must have other reasons, and Tucker wondered how Victoria would defeat both Adam and Victor for control of McCall Unlimited after she bought it.

tucker talks victoria out of buying mccall unlimited.
Tucker talks Victoria Newman out of buying McCall Unlimited.

Victoria noted she’d had a lifetime of practice dealing with Victor, and she said she was the Chief Executive Officer of Newman Enterprises, which meant she could shape the company. However, Tucker said that it would just create problems for Victoria, and she conceded that maybe he was right.

He seemed surprised Victoria had possibly changed her mind about buying McCall Unlimited. She told Tucker he’d made valid points, and Victoria rescinded her offer. She officially ended Newman’s courtship of McCall.

Y&R Recap: Devon and Abby Share ‘I Love You’

At Devon’s (Bryton James), he and Abby (Melissa Ordway) enjoyed a nightcap, and she wondered if she could call his house home. She admitted he’d surprised her by asking her to move in. Abby worried how Chance would feel if they raised Dominic together.

They both admitted that they still felt guilty about how they got together. Devon suggested that they’d apologized and shouldn’t beat themselves up. He told Abby that he loved her. Abby wasn’t expecting that, and Devon wondered how she couldn’t have known. Devon credited Abby with helping him and Lily reunite, and he told her that she’d always been there for him, even before Dominic.

Abby said it was a big decision, and she reminded Devon that they really had to consider things. She worried about the visitation schedule with Chance, and Devon said they should drop Dominic at Chance’s. Abby also said that she worried that moving in that fast after blowing up her whole life was too much.

Devon didn’t want to worry about what people thought, and Abby said everything had all happened so quickly. Abby wanted to be honest and said she cared about what people thought about the situation, and Devon understood. Devon reminded Abby that life isn’t a guarantee, and he wanted to take happiness where he had it. He encouraged Abby to enjoy the future instead of worrying about the past.

Devon said his future was Abby and Dominic. He asked Abby again if she’d move in. Instead of a yes, Abby asked for some more time to think. Devon understood, and he said he knew it was uncomfortable living in Chance’s family home. She said it was Dominic’s home, and she didn’t want to cause him any more upheaval.

Ultimately, Abby didn’t say no. She wanted to do it the right way for everyone. Then, Abby told Devon that she loved him too, and she said she felt certain that anywhere she was with Devon, it felt like home.

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