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Victoria Newman Gets Shot Down By Nate…For Now

The Y&R recap for Monday, March 13, 2023, brings an unusual situation for Victoria Newman when Nate turns her down.

young and the restless recap for march 13, 2023, has victoria newman not happyVictoria Newman isn't used to not getting what she wants.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday brings an unusual situation for Victoria Newman when Nate turns her down.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Phyllis sets a big plan with Jeremy in motion, which causes Kyle to get Jack and Diane to return home, and they share some stunning news. Summer doesn’t buy her mom’s story, though. Elena confronts Nate about his relationship with Victoria, and he confronts Audra over what she said to Elena. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Mother Issues

Kyle (Michael Mealor) found Summer (Allison Lanier) on the patio at Crimson Lights. He tried to be upbeat about things, but Summer felt all doom and gloom. Specifically, Summer let Kyle know how badly things with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) seemed. She had a bad feeling about her mom focusing on Diane (Susan Walters).

At the cabin, Diane had difficulty focusing on the book she was reading. Jack (Peter Bergman) noticed, and she told him that she was worried about the coming storm. He insisted that they talk, and Diane admitted that she got rattled by the hangup landline call. She worried it was Jeremy. Jack reassured her that they were safe.

jeremy and phyllis make a plan to bring down jack and diane.
Phyllis Summers schemes with Jeremy Stark.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) went to Jeremy’s (James Hyde) room and told him that Jack and Diane were at a cabin nearby. She wanted to plan things carefully, and Phyllis thought luring Jack and Diane back to Genoa City would be the best bet. Of course, she warned Jeremy that her family couldn’t be used as pawns or get hurt.

Phyllis’s plan was to make them think that the dangerous element had disappeared. She suggested they do the same thing Jack and Diane had done — but better.

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Back at the coffee shop, Summer explained how Phyllis had probed about where Jack and Diane were, and Kyle wondered if his mother-in-law was just being nosy. Phyllis burst in to tell Kyle and Summer that Jeremy was on his way to Paris to find Jack and Diane.

phyllis summers has news for summer newman abbott about jeremy stark y&r recap.
Phyllis Summers gives Summer some surprising news.

Kyle wondered how Phyllis knew that, though. She explained that Jeremy had hounded her to team up with him to exact revenge on Diane. Phyllis said she told him no. She insisted that Jeremy was dangerous. Kyle wanted to make a phone call, but he’d forgotten his phone. Phyllis handed him his phone, which she’d found at The Grand Phoenix.

Jack got a call from Kyle. Diane wondered if everyone was okay, and Jack told her Jeremy had left to pursue them in Europe. They decided to go home, and Diane wondered if she should hide her engagement ring, but Jack wanted to tell everyone.

Back on the patio of Crimson Lights, Summer said she’d hoped her mom was right, and Phyllis claimed that Summer was her priority. Phyllis left, and Kyle updated Summer that Jack and Diane were going to come home. Summer warned Kyle that it was suspicious that Phyllis had his phone. She didn’t buy that Jeremy would think Kyle’s parents were in Paris.

Summer wondered if Phyllis was working with Jeremy, and Kyle told her that Jack and Diane planned to come home either way.

jack and diane return to genoa city.
Jack and Diane Jenkins arrive home.

Once home, Diane let Jack know that she didn’t want to share their engagement news with the world before they let Kyle know. She also worried about the criticism they would face, but Jack told her that they only needed to consider themselves and their immediate family.

Kyle and Summer showed up and welcomed Diane and Jack back to Genoa City. Jack let Kyle and Summer know he’d proposed to Diane and she accepted.

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Phyllis returned to Jeremy’s hotel room to let him know she’d put their plan into action. She asked him what came next, and he admitted the next steps would be the hardest for Phyllis, especially since she needed to get back into the Abbotts’ good graces. Jeremy needed to get one or two items that belong to Diane.

Young and the Restless: Workplace Drama For Victoria Newman

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) stopped by Newman Media to find Nate (Sean Dominic). Audra (Zuleyka Silver) let Victoria know that Nate had run out for some couple-time with Elena (Brytni Sarpy). Audra waxed poetic about what a great man Nate was.

Victoria turned the talk to Tucker (Trevor St. John). She asked some pointed questions, and Audra let her know that Tucker could get tired of waiting on Devon (Bryton James) to make a decision. Victoria schemed about how they could buy McCall Industries.

Audra went on about how much she admired Victoria and her drive. She pointed out how Victoria wasn’t afraid of hurting cousins or getting between a father and son. Victoria claimed the Newmans were always united. She told Audra that everybody had to have the same goals, or everything would fall apart.

Audra wanted to clarify that they were talking about swaying Tucker away from Devon. Of course, their discussion was about Devon and Tucker, and Victoria told Audra not to read anything into it. Victoria left, and Audra promised to let Nate know she stopped by.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nate apologized to Elena for being late, but he enthused about his unreal synergy with Victoria. Elena took exception to that, and she pointedly asked her boyfriend what was going on with him and Victoria.

elena dawson confronts nate hastings over victoria newman on young and the restless.
Nate tries to reassure Elena over his relationship with Victoria Newman.

Nate wondered where the Victoria question came from, and Elena told Nate that it was due to her discussion with Audra. Nate denied that there was any reason Audra would’ve thought something more was going on with him and Victoria. Elena didn’t want to fight, though. Nate reassured her that he only loved her, and they ended up going home.

Y&R Recap: Victoria Newman Chats Carefully With Elena

Elena and Victoria ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Elena explained that she needed to rest, and Nate might have snuck off to the office. She asked Victoria how Nate was doing, and Victoria gushed about how in tune they were. Victoria suggested that if Nate stuck with her, he’d have even bigger and better things in his future.

elena dawson and victoria newman talk at crimson lights on young and the restless.
Victoria Newman gushes to Elena Dawson about Nate Hastings.

Victoria continued gushing about how impressive and incredible Nate is, and Elena agreed. Victoria left, and Elena looked concerned.

At Newman Media, Nate took Audra to task over what she’d said to Elena. Audra denied she had any motive for what she’d done. She even offered to call Elena and rectify things.

Later, Elena brought some food to Nate’s office, and she apologized for overreacting about Victoria. She admitted that she was scared they would struggle with their relationship again, and Nate said that they wouldn’t. Elena worried that she would lose Nate when things got difficult at Newman.

Nate reassured Elena that they had a great future together. His phone rang, and it was Victoria. She asked him to meet for a drink as Elena looked on, but Nate let Victoria know that Elena was there and they would need to put off what she wanted to discuss until the morning.

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