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Nate Hastings Tries To Refuse Victoria, But She Insists

The Y&R recap for Thursday, March 2, 2023, brings Nate Hastings trying to refuse Victoria, but she insists he do what she wants.

young and the restless recap for march 2 has nate talking with victoriaNate Hastings has a talk with Victoria Newman.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday brings a big move for Nate Hastings, but Victoria Newman won’t let him get away that easily.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Audra (Zuleyka Silver) gets some digs in at Elena while Lily and Devon fight over her lawyer. Ashley and Tucker spar over her plans, and Abby works to help keep Devon grounded. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Nate Hastings Lets Victoria Down Easy

At Newman Media, Audra was surprised to learn that Nate (Sean Dominic) loves country music. However, he talked about opening other people’s minds to new ideas and how important that is.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) interrupted, and Audra headed to Crimson Lights for coffee. Victoria told her to take her time since she and Nate had a lot to do. After Audra left, Victoria leaned into Nate’s space to use his computer, and things were a bit awkward. Victoria noticed, and Nate wanted to discuss what happened between them.

Victoria didn’t really want to discuss it, but Nate insisted. He said he felt attracted to Victoria, but he loved Elena. Nate admitted he’d crossed a line, and Victoria reminded him he’d done that twice. He said he’d sent mixed messages, but Victoria said she knew what she wanted, but she didn’t have the baggage of a relationship holding her back. Nate apologized, and Victoria told him to figure out what he wanted and put the ball entirely in his court.

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Nate told Victoria that she was irresistible and intoxicating, and she made him feel powerful. Even so, he never wanted them to kiss again, and Victoria wondered if the kiss was good. Nate said it was unforgettable, and she promised they’d never tell anyone, and never kiss again. Nate wanted to know Victoria’s expectations going forward, and she said she wanted a long and fruitful partnership. He promised to do what he could, and Nate admitted that he admired Victoria.

At the coffeeshop, Audra ran into Elena (Brytni Sarpy). Elena noticed that Audra enjoyed working with Nate. However, Audra pointed out that Nate had a huge connection with Victoria. Elena said that Victoria and Nate were long-time friends, and Audra said they each clearly had lots of gratitude going on in the office.

Audra toyed with her, saying that Victoria and Nate were destined to be partners — business partners, of course. Elena listened, but it was obvious she didn’t love hearing how Audra explained things. Audra said Nate was the “real deal” for Victoria. Elena wanted to know more, but Audra let her know she’d been kicked out of a meeting between Victoria and Nate, and Elena wanted to know if it happened often.

Audra told Elena that Nate was a born leader, and she waxed poetic about how handsome he was. Elena realized the time, and she needed to go. Audra suggested they do it again, but Elena had a packed schedule.

Young and the Restless: Scorched Earth

At the Abbott mansion, Tucker (Trevor St. John) nearly kissed Ashley (Eileen Davidson), but he put a stop to it. After all, they were not equals at the moment, which wasn’t great. Tucker insisted he was evolving, and Ashley wasn’t totally convinced.

When Tucker tried to leave, Ashley let him know that Victor and Victoria accused her of buying his debt. While she didn’t admit it, she did figure out that they planned to offer Tucker far more than McCall Unlimited was worth. Ashley wondered what Tucker thought about that. Selling to the Newmans would leave him rich but ultimately alone (or without Ashley).

Tucker saw through Ashley, and he asked if he’d passed her test. He said he would choose whatever door led to her, and Ashley pointed out Tucker was walking away from a fortune. Tucker felt happy to disappoint Ashley by not jumping at the Newmans’ offer. Ashley wondered what would happen if she and Devon turned their backs on Tucker, and he insisted he’d forage ahead to become a better man because love matters more than riches.

Tucker showed up at Crimson Lights just in time to see Elena leaving upset after talking to Audra. He wanted to harness Audra’s superpowers for good. However, she changed the subject to who was going to buy his company. Tucker wasn’t willing to give up the information unless Audra told him how big a deal Lily and Devon’s fight was. She realized that Tucker was offering Devon his company, and Audra told him that the siblings were going scorched earth.

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Audra ran back to Newman Media, interrupting Nate and Victoria’s talk. She let them know that Tucker wanted to sell McCall Unlimited to Devon. Victoria explained that Ashley must have bought Tucker’s debt. Nate thought it meant they lost out, but Victoria said it was more difficult, but she liked a challenge.

She asked Nate to steer Devon away from saying yes to Tucker. However, Nate didn’t want to do that, considering his poor relationship with his cousin. Victoria insisted that bringing peace to the Winters families wasn’t in their best professional interest. She walked out, and Audra pointed out Nate didn’t have much of a choice.

Ashley called Tucker, and she warned him not to manipulate Devon into buying his company.

Y&R Recap: It’s Only Business

Devon (Bryton James) and Lily (Christel Khalil) met at Society. He was furious that Amanda (Mishael Morgan) was handling the lawsuit for Chancellor-Winters. They argued, and Devon realized that Lily not only wanted to ensure that the company retained value, but also she wanted to protect her accomplishments. Lily reminded her brother that he’d signed a contract, and she was merely doing what she needed to do in order to run the business.

She pointed out that they would lose money and time, but Lily warned Devon he would lose. Lily said that saving Hamilton Winters wouldn’t bring Neil back, and she suggested that her brother start a new company or retire. Devon noted he was almost glad that Neil wasn’t there to see what Lily had turned into.

However, Lily wished Neil was there to see what she’d become because she knew he’d be proud of her for foraging her own path. She insinuated that Devon merely wanted to be a copy of Neil. Lily said she’d win, and it was all just business — not personal.

abby newman tries to get devon hamilton to reconsider his young and the restless plans.
Abby urges Devon Hamilton to reconsider.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) noticed Lily and Devon fighting as Lily reminded him that he still had Tucker there in town. Devon said she still had him, though. Lily continued to urge Devon to honor the contract that he signed, and she said that he’d never fill Neil’s shoes because he was a hypocrite who’d throw her away for a company.

Abby interrupted, and she suggested that they go to a rage room. She let Devon know that Louise texted they were out of diapers for Dominic, and she insisted that Devon come with her to get them. Daniel saw them leaving, and he noticed Lily sitting alone. Daniel warned Lily that she had plenty of people who loved her, but she didn’t think she did.

daniel urges lily to realize she has more than just her career on the young and the restless.
Daniel tries to get Lily Winters to see the truth.

Daniel sat down with Lily, and she explained her mortification over the public argument. He lent a listening ear, and she complained about how the merger tore apart her family. Lily said she planned to fight with everything she had to save Chancellor-Winters because it was all she had left.

Back at his penthouse, Abby was gobsmacked to learn that Lily had hired Amanda. Abby wondered why Lily would do something like that, and Devon said it was because Lily wanted to win at all costs. Devon admitted he was dreading the whole thing.

Abby wondered if he was more worried he’d lose the lawsuit or if was it about coming face-to-face with Amanda. He didn’t have a choice, though. She encouraged Devon to reconsider Tucker’s offer.

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