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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Who the GCPD Will Arrest For Phyllis’s Death

We have the obvious suspect on The Young and the Restless

y&r spoilers speculation about phyllis summers, at the gala, and who could have wanted her deadDid someone on Y&R want Phyllis dead?

Y&R spoilers have been teasing Jeremy and Phyllis giving each other meaningful glances for weeks as they plotted to bring Diane down, once and for all. We have to assume Phyllis acting like a bigger loon than usual at the Gala, then collapsing, then being carted off in an ambulance that first disappeared, then was reported as having crashed, is all a part of their deviously clever plan. The end game, apparently, is for Phyllis to be declared dead, and for Diane to be accused of her murder. We, however, have a few questions.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Road Warrior

Is Diane (Susan Walters) going to be accused of causing Phyllis’s (Michelle Stafford) ambulance accident? Because we’re not sure how she would have done that. She and Jack (Peter Bergman) never left the party. Dozens of people saw her there. It’s not like she left, drove Phyllis’s car off the road, then came back and acted as if nothing had happened. And it’s unlikely that she used her phone to hire an Uber driver who doubles as an assassin to commit the crime for her. So that part has to remain a genuine accident.

Young & Restless: The Night Before

If the plan is to somehow frame Diane for drugging Phyllis, leading to both her outburst and her collapse, and then to claim that if she hadn’t done that, then Phyllis would have never been in the accident that killed her…well, that’s a stretch. We assume the stolen wedding ring and Phyllis’s discarded mask, and the fight that she goaded Diane into earlier are all part of this clever, clever plan, to make the Genoa City Police Department see Diane as the obvious suspect. But…hmm.

Y&R Spoilers: The Husband Did It

Wouldn’t Phyllis’s out-of-the-blue new husband, Jeremy (James Hyde), be a much more likely place to start the investigation? He’s freshly out of jail, they got married after knowing each other for a few days, Phyllis didn’t even tell her beloved children, whom she lives for. And, oh, yeah, he’s the one to inherit all of Phyllis’s assets, whether she’s declared dead or just presumed dead. Jeremy has much more to gain than Diane. Which makes him the prime suspect.

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