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Rose Ceremony: This Is The Best Young and the Restless Man For Phyllis


Phyllis Summers is in quite the freefall on The Young and the Restless. After a lifetime of coming and going from Genoa City, Summer Newman has left town for the we’ve-lost-track-which-time. Only now Phyllis is having an hourly nervous breakdown over it. She will sob to anyone who wants to listen – and to many who don’t – about her grief at being separated from her child. (Summer, not Daniel, the one she hasn’t mentioned in… years?)

The Young and the Restless Distraction

What she needs is a distraction. And there are only two things that distract Phyllis (Michelle Stafford): A rival, and a man. She’s decided Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) fits the bill for the former. But who will she latch onto for the latter? What almost 2,000 voters had to say:

Reunited And It Feels So Good

We didn’t quite make it to half, as 49% of you gave the win to Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). He’s the only one willing to share her grief over Summer leaving town – even Summer’s (Hunter King) dad, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) refuses to act like it’s the end of the world. She’s sad about Summer, Jack’s sad about Kyle (Michael Mealor)…who left town with Summer. No one else on The Young and the Restless is willing to indulge their navel-gazing. They might as well do it together.

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Give Up

Phyllis doesn’t deserve to be with anyone, 28% counter. She has been unbearable for months now, howling over Summer. She should crawl into a cave and lick her wounds until she feels better. Don’t inflict this nonsense on anyone else.

Stick Around The Young and the Restless

Nick told Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) things are easier with Phyllis now that he just lets her do whatever she wants. Which is why 23% figure these two might as well stay the course. Who else would possibly accept Phyllis being Phyllis…without heading for the hills.

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