Should Abby Abbott and Devon Hamilton Cohabitate on Young and the Restless?

Are Abby and Devon ready to be a Y&R family?

devon hamilton sits next to abby on the couch on young and the restlessShould Abby and Devon move in together on Young and the Restless?

We understand why Abby feels so comfortable in the penthouse belonging to Devon Hamilton on Young and the Restless. They’ve had sex on the couch, they’ve had sex on the floor, they’ve had sex on the stairs, they’ve had sex against the wall.

Young and the Restless – Devon Hamilton Single Living

It’s basically her place at this point. But does that mean she should make it official and move in with him? What over 3000 potential real estate agents had to say about the possibility:

Set Some Y&R Boundaries

Isn’t Abby (Melissa Ordway) already kind of living there, 22% of you wonder. She just always seems to be sitting on the couch, waiting for Devon (Bryton James) to come home and whine about whatever evil things the world has done to him lately. So if things keep going the way they are, do they really need to change anything?

Devon Hamilton – Young and the Restless Style

That’s a great idea, 33% of the audience is cheering. These two should have been a couple long ago. We’re pretty sure that Abby asking Devon Hamilton to father her child was just her way of confirming it. And now that they have little Dominic, it’s the perfect time to make their family official. Plus, Abbott, Newman, Winters….that’s a heck of a merger!

Young and the Restless – No Way

That’s a terrible idea, a winning 45% counter. Those two are not in love. We’re not even sure if they’re in “like.” They are, at best, in no better options so why not have a kid? They’re friends, sure. But they’ve been friends for a long time. And they saw no need to move in together. With or without benefits. This will only be confusing for Dominic when they inevitably break up. After all, Abby cheated on Chance (Conner Floyd) to be with Devon Hamilton, and Devon cheated on Amanda (Mishael Morgan) to be with Abby. Odds are, they’ll cheat on each other. And then they’ll just have to move out again. Not worth the packing.

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