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Michael Damian, Tricia Cast, Plus More Back for Y&R’s Anniversary

Michael Damian, Tricia Cast and other favorites are coming back to The Young and the Restless.

michael damian, tricia ast, veronica redd, patty Weaver, and Barbara crampton return to young and the restlessFive fan favorites - Veronica Redd, Michael Damian, Tricia Cast, Patty Weaver, and Barbara Crampton are showing up in Genoa City again.

The Young and the Restless is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary. Michael Damian, who recently reprised his role as Danny, along with Tricia cast and three other fan favorites, are headed back to Genoa City.

Michael Damian Is Coming Back as Danny

Damian and Cast will be joined by Patty Weaver (Gina Roma), Barbara Crampton (Leanna Love), and Veronica Redd (Mamie Johnson). The quintet of favorites are set to start appearing in mid-March, according to CBS.

Michael Damian debuted as Danny Romalotti in 1980. Viewers recall Danny’s relationships with Lauren (Tracey Bregman), Traci (Beth Maitland), and Christine (Lauralee Bell). Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) tore apart Danny’s marriage to Christine by claiming he’d impregnated her with Daniel. By the time the truth came out, the damage had been done to Danny and Christine’s (AKA Cricket) relationship. The question remains, was said damage irreparable?

Barbara Crampton is back as Leanna Love

Barbara Crampton began her Y&R run as unbalanced Leanna Randolph, a former patient of Ashley’s then-husband, Dr. Steven Lassiter (the late Rod Arrants). After failing to attempt to kill Ashley, Leanna was integrated into Genoa City society. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) married her in order to deflect press attention away from Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) after news of Ashley’s abortion had made its way into the press. Leanna, using the ghost name “Nora Randall,” wrote an authorized biography of Victor titled “Ruthless.”

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Tricia Cast Is Reprising Her Role as Nina

Tricia Cast, a Daytime Emmy-winner for her role as Nina, debuted on Y&R in 1986 as a pregnant teen coerced into giving up her child by crafty Rose DeVille (the late, great Darlene Conley). Nina later gave birth to Phillip Chancellor IV (AKA Chance, now played by Conner Floyd). After Phillip’s (Thom Bierdz) “death,” Nina went on to have a happy life with Ryan McNeil (Scott Reeves), who was later murdered by the unbalanced Tricia (Sabryn Genet). Cast started popping up again on Y&R in 2020.

Veronica Redd Is Coming Back as Mamie

Veronica Redd assumed the role of Abbott housekeeper Mamie Johnson in 1990. She played the part until 1995 and then reprised the part from 1999-2004. Redd’s biggest storyline was when Mamie fell in love with John, which pitted her against his estranged wife Jill (Jess Walton). Redd’s resume includes a ground-breaking episode of The Jeffersons in which she played a male-to-female transgender character.

Patty Weaver Returns as Gina Roma

Patty Weaver was a mainstay as proprietor of Gina’s restaurant on Y&R for years. She was later seen running the Genoa City Athletic Club. In the 1980s, Gina sang alongside her brother Danny and also performed in concerts with Traci and Lauren. Weaver is also known to soap fans as Trish Clayton on Days of our Lives.

Watch for flashbacks galore to air as the show leads up to its 50th anniversary on March 26, 1973.

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