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GH’s Marcus Coloma Contemplates Victor Cassadine’s Possible Evil Plot

Marcus Coloma General Hospital

The Cassadines have a long and demented General Hospital history of trying to rule the world, but as of right now, Victor Cassadine seems to be the only one left who has what could be considered big plans along that score. So what could he be up to? Marcus Coloma, who plays his nephew, Nikolas Cassadine, had fun musing on that subject.

Marcus Coloma Taps Into Rich General Hospital History

The actor was asked that question about Victor’s (Charles Shaughnessy) plans when he attended a General Hospital Fantasy Events Zoom. It was a question that amused Coloma, obviously thrilled to play a member of the show’s legendary family.

“I think a lot, honestly, and I think a lot about Victor and I think a lot about Nikolas and Spencer [Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who was also on hand at the event]. I don’t know what his big plans are but I think ultimately the biggest thing for Nikolas Cassadine’s view is his concern regards Spencer and his fear is that Spencer won’t recognize…ultimately to me, just the biggest concern as a parent that when you’re young, there’s such a desire to prove that you’re fearless and invincible.

“Victor’s so suave and charming, he seems so put-together,” notes Coloma. “I think Nikolas Cassadine feels that it’s all part of the Cassadine trap. His big concern is that Spencer isn’t affected by it. I don’t think he’s as concerned about the world repercussions of it as much as it affects Spencer.”

It was then pointed out by someone on the Zoom that one of Victor’s ‘soldiers’ spouted out that it was for the cause, so he asked Marcus Coloma what he thought that could mean — on the low end and also on the high end of possibilities.

“I can’t imagine Victor doing anything on a low scale,” admits the actor. “I think that’s what I really love about the Cassadines is this idea of their world domination. They play a big game. Whether it’s right or wrong, what I’ve loved about the episodes I’ve seen with Mikkos [John Considine], like my grandfather, is it’s all very big.

“So I feel like it’s probably a very big plan,” he continued, “and it’s probably a very big plot, but I don’t think, without getting super political, I feel like these things are always happening and they exist. On a big level, it could be affecting a global economy and maybe crashing a certain thing, so that he could basically increase his empire.” Will that be what happens? Stay tuned.

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