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GH Star Cynthia Watros Reveals Emotional Connection To Nina’s Jewelry

General Hospital Cynthia WatrosGeneral Hospital Cynthia Watros

Eagle-eyed soap fans are always noticing wardrobe and jewelry pieces that their favorite characters are wearing, hoping to find out where they can perhaps purchase identical items. General Hospital star Cynthia Watros sports a piece of jewelry on-screen that is actually more significant to the actress than it is to her character, Nina Reeves.

Cynthia Watros Wears An Important Bracelet

Cynthia Watros, who plays Crimson magazine editor Nina Reeves, fielded a variety of questions during an entertaining and informative GH Fantasy Events gathering via Zoom that was attended by many of the Daytime Emmy winner’s fans. One attendee asked if there was significance to a black bracelet the actress was wearing on General Hospital.

“You’re super observant,” an amazed Watros told the viewer who spotted the wrist jewelry. While the item may not have significance to Nina Reeves, it certainly does to her portrayer. Watros thought no one would take notice of the item, so she talked to the GH wardrobe department about wearing the bracelet on-air.

Soap Viewers Don’t Miss A Thing!

“I told the wardrobe people no one will even notice I have that on,” Cynthia Watros shared. “I’ll tell them that someone did notice it.” The origins of the bracelet are personal. “A friend of mine gave me [this] intention bracelet,” Watros explains. You wear it and proclaim what you want to have occur that year. “I’m a big believer in intentions and really going for what you want. I didn’t want to take it off [because] it represents my intentions.”

Over time, intention bracelets, made of string, can become loose and fall off. When that happens, Watros says, that’s when it’s time to fully let your intentions go out into the world. You can read about Watros’s thoughts on practicing yoga in this Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday column.

Cynthia Watros Wants To Meditate More

Cynthia Watros discussed other topics during the GH Fantasy Event including how useful mediation can be. If you feel you don’t have time to meditate each day, you’re not alone. Watros herself says finding even a few minutes a day to meditate can be challenging.

“I want to meditate every day,” Watros shares. “That’s my goal.” The actress says finding the time to meditate is worth it because when she does “I feel this peacefulness, this sort of light. There’s no reason not to do it for five minutes a day. Sometimes after work, if I feel frazzled in my head, I do it so I can [more easily] go to sleep.”

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