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General Hospital Poll Results: Fans Sound Off On Neil’s Death

Neil and Alexis General HospitalNeil and Alexis General Hospital

General Hospital fans know that Alexis is the kiss of death when it comes to love. She either chooses killers and mobsters to sleep with or makes such terrible choices in general that all of her relationships turn into total disasters. She is a loser of the first order.

General Hospital Polling

But there is a difference between a loser – and a killer. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) had yet to drive a man to death before. But now it looks like she has (or did she?)! After spending the night with Alexis, Neil (Joe Flanigan) ended up dead. And over 3,000 fans have something to say about it:

Thumbs Down

A majority 78% of you are incensed. Neil was the first nice, normal guy Alexis had been with in forever. And even if she didn’t deserve him, he certainly didn’t deserve to die! Just how terrible in bed is she?

Fans were looking forward to seeing this romance unfold, and now you feel cheated. Not to mention grief-stricken.

And Then What Happens?

A smaller 16% of the audience is sad, but hoping that a good story will come out of this. Maybe Alexis has a split personality – let’s call her, oh, Natasha – who never wants Alexis to be happy and so sabotages all of her relationships.

It would explain why a woman who keeps telling us how smart and moral she is keeps making the dumb call of hooking up with immoral men. The other personality did it!

Turn On the Waterworks

Only 6% is looking forward to watching Alexis wail and beat her chest in grief. She’s much better at the drama scenes than she is at anything else, and now that Neil is dead, she might as well get her chance to howl. It beats her doing the coy and romantic thing. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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