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General Hospital Character Recap: Nancy Grahn’s Alexis Davis

General Hospital Alexis Davis Nancy GrahnGeneral Hospital Alexis Davis Nancy Grahn

Alexis Davis – they don’t come more neurotic or lovelorn than this General Hospital favorite who has never had much luck in the romance department.

Who Is Alexis Davis?

Born Natasha Alexandra Mikkosovana, Alexis is the eldest child of Mikkos Cassadine and Kristin Bergman and the older sister of Kristina Bergman. Despite her pedigree, Alexis was actually raised by her aunt, Sophia Cassadine and Sophia’s husband Alexei Davidovitch, owing to Helena’s murder of Kristin and Alexis’s subsequent trauma-related amnesia.

She attended boarding school and eventually earned a law degree. Though she ostensibly arrived in Port Charles to represent Kevin Collins for his stalking and harassment of Felicia Scorpio, Alexis’s presence had actually been arranged by Stefan Cassadine, who wanted his adopted “cousin” close at hand.

A Shark in the Courtroom – And Dangerous When Crossed

Alexis proved her merit as a trial lawyer through her expert handling of both Kevin’s case as well as Monica Quartermaine’s (who stood accused of sexually harassing her co-worker, Pierce Dorman) but a subsequent foray into the courtroom as Tony Jones’ representative cost Alexis her budding romance with Ned Aston and the opportunity to become in-house council for ELQ.

Her latter client had been foisted upon her by Helena, whom Alexis greatly feared. The worry that her “aunt” would hurt her was further compounded when she and Luke Spencer discovered her identity as Natasha.

Hoping to both spare herself Helena’s wrath and extricate Stefan from the clutches of golddigger Katherine Bell, Alexis claimed that Katherine was in fact, Natasha. But once the truth was revealed, Alexis nearly lost Stefan’s affection.

In response to the truth being made public – and Helena’s threats to do her harm – Alexis conspired with Luke to murder the Cassadine matriarch! Though the plan seemed destined for success, it was actually Katherine who tumbled from the rigged-to-collapse parapet.

Boys, Boys, Boys

Try as she might, Alexis has never had a truly satisfying or built-to-last relationship. She thought she had found the real deal with Ned Ashton, whom she was able to reunite with following their initial falling out.

They weathered a complicated partner swap with Jasper Jax and Chloe Morgan – a scheme made necessary by Chloe’s need to marry a “suitable” gentlemen in order to regain her company and Alexis’s desire to prove that union’s legitimacy by marrying another – but they couldn’t withstand the immense pressure placed on them when Ned chose to revive his music career.

Alexis eventually fell into bed with her latest client, Sonny Corinthos, and bore him a daughter, Kristina (named after her murdered sister, with whom she briefly reunited), though she hid that fact for many years and agreed to let Ned claim the baby.

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Her next significant lover was Sonny’s half-brother, Ric Lansing. They married in November 2004, welcomed little Molly into the world one year later, and eventually divorced following Ric’s adulterous affair with Sam McCall – a woman Alexis would eventually discover was her long lost daughter!

Sam had been the product of a one night stand between Alexis and Julian Jerome, a less than reformed gangster who years later sweet-talked (and blackmailed) his way back into Alexis’s affections and later her home and bed.

Their marriage took place on February 19, 2016, but his associations with his older sister, Olivia, and continued criminal activities forced Alexis to take drastic action.

With her freedom on the line (she had been accused of killing Carlos Rivera), a wired Alexis confronted Julian and tried to get him to confess his wrongdoings. After discovering his wife’s deceit, Julian attempted to kill her!

Worse Than The Criminals

Despite being committed to ridding Port Charles of the so-called, “criminal element,” Alexis has also found herself on the wrong side of the law – many times.

Aside from the above-mentioned fraud and attempt to rid herself of Helena, Alexis also caused the deaths of both Luis Alcazar (the man responsible for the death of her younger sister) and Kiefer Bauer (her daughter Kristina’s abusive boyfriend) and faked dissociative identity disorder (in order to plead insanity when brought to trial for Luis’s murder).

Alexis Davis – Moving Forward

Life has continued to beat Alexis down. First, she struggled to conquer her dependency on alcohol and then she had to contend with Kristina joining a cult. Later, she bore witness to the fallout of Sam shooting and killing the movement’s leader.

For a time, Alexis found contentment with psychiatrist Neil Byrne but the undeniable chemistry that existed between them eventually led to a night of unbridled – and unprofessional – passion.

And now that their secret tryst has become public knowledge, thanks to Britt Westbourne and a jealous Julian, what fate will befall GH’s favorite legal eagle? General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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