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General Hospital Poll Results: You Weigh In On Alexis and Neil’s Breakup

Neil and Alexis General HospitalNeil and Alexis General Hospital

Alexis and Neil have broken up on General Hospital. We realize that’s a little hard to tell since it was equally hard to tell whether or not they were together.

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Their dating was also unethical since Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was Neil’s (Joe Flanigan) patient. But, hey, if there is one thing we know about Port Charles, it’s that illegality only makes the relationship hotter.

Well, the hotness appears to be over. Neil and Alexis are over. Are fans pleased with this development? How over 10,000 feel:

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The majority 79% are seriously bummed. Not because Neil and Alexis were necessarily hot together. But because they were normal. Well, for Alexis, anyway. Neil is a nice guy. Alexis is very, very bad with picking — or sticking with — nice guys.

She clearly likes the bad boys. Sonny (Maurice Benard). Ric (Rick Hearst). Julian (William deVry). Ah, yes, Julian… Raise your hand if you believe Alexis is really over Julian?

He can hold an entire kitchen of knives to her throat — and show his incredible gullibility (that’s a nice word for stupidity) when he believed that grandmother Alexis was pregnant with his child — and Alexis will still never be over him. At least, if she’s with Neil, she’s away from Julian… for the time being.

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Oh, thank goodness, a small 21% of General Hospital fans proclaim. Our long national nightmare is over! What was that all about, Alexis and the shrink? Not just because it’s illegal, but because it was, what’s the word we’re looking for? Oh, yeah, dull.

Alexis and Neil were dull. Sure, he was sweet and normal. Sweet and normal is not what fans watch TV, much less soaps, much less General Hospital, for. Alexis is a hot mess, and she is much more entertaining when she is making her expected terrible decisions. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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