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Father, May I? Should Chase Forgive Finn on General Hospital?

Chase and Finn General HospitalChase and Finn General Hospital

Chase just found out that his “brother,” Finn, is actually his biological father. Chase (Josh Swickard) told Gregory (Gregory Harrison) that he would always be his dad. And then he screamed at Finn (Michael Easton).

General Hospital Polling

That was fun. Should Chase ever forgive the man who betrayed him? What almost 3,000 viewers expect to see happen:

Relationship Reunion

A majority 78% of the audience thinks that not only should Chase forgive Finn, but he should also build a strong relationship with him.

After all, Finn’s only crime was sleeping with his father’s fiancee the night before their wedding, fathering her child, then running off and blaming the estrangement between himself and Gregory on his father’s marriage, rather than the whole I Slept With Jackie (Kim Delaney) and Feel Super Guilty About It Thing. That has nothing to do with Chase. Finn is totes innocent.

Never Forget

A much smaller 14% of you are OK with Chase forgiving Finn – it’s good for his mental health. But he should never forget. Just cut the non-brother, non-father out of his life, and move on. He survived 30 years without Finn, he can survive 30 more. Chase doesn’t need a new daddy. And, at this point, he’s not too crazy about his mommy, either. Cut her out, too.

Blow Up

In the last place are the 8% who believe that Finn blew up Chase’s family twice. The first time when he turned his back on all of them, and the second time when the truth came out. This is not someone Chase even owes forgiveness to. Don’t just ice him out of your life, officer. Carry a grudge!

Sure, it’s not great for the blood pressure. But it’s fun. We’ve seen the sweet, nice, caring Chase. Now let’s see the bitter version. After all, isn’t our entertainment the most important factor here? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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