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General Hospital Character Recap: Harrison Chase

General Hospital ChaseGeneral Hospital Chase

Harrison Chase – he’s cocky, self-assured, and oh so by the book. In fact, Boy Scout would be the aptest description of this General Hospital sleuth. So would incredibly handsome.

Who Is Harrison Chase?

He is the youngest son of Gregory Chase and Dr. Hamilton Finn’s brother. He was born not long after his father had remarried following his widowerhood – something for which Finn never forgave him and the reason for Chase’s lifelong estrangement from him.

Chase was initially employed by a police department in Florida, and it was there that he not only became a detective but also made the acquittance of Janelle Benson, a person of interest in the death of her fiancé Zachary Grant.

Chase fell for her charms and believed her claims of innocence and malicious prosecution at the hands of her would-be in-laws. However, once the nascent romance turned physical, Chase found himself accused of inappropriate conduct and Janelle was able to beat the murder charge as a result.

Though utterly disgraced, Chase was offered a second chance at a Boston-set precinct and he jumped at the chance. When the opportunity presented itself to transfer to the PCPD, Chase took it, especially once he learned that the New York hamlet was where Janelle had relocated.

Upon his arrival, Chase was paired with Detective Dante Falconeri, whose previous partner, Nathan West, had been killed in the line of duty. The two men immediately clashed and matters were not helped when Chase arrested Dante’s paternal grandfather, Mike Corbin, for causing a public scene due to his Alzheimer’s.

Hoping to teach the uptight Chase a lesson, Dante arranged for him to be left alone on stage at the annual Nurses Ball after promising that he would be joined by other members of the PCPD. But it was Chase who had the last laugh when he wowed the crowd with his vocal ability.

Brotherly Love
In time, Chase earned Dante’s respect but there was another Port Charles resident that he was desperate to impress – his brother, Finn. The two first crossed paths when Finn was arrested after Julian Jerome filed a complaint against him and try as he might, Chase just couldn’t get Finn to open up to him.

Not even a visit from their ailing father – whom Finn diagnosed as suffering from Lyme Disease – could cool the ire that Finn felt towards the brother who he believed Gregory loved the most.

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Luckily, a series of events including Finn falling in love with Anna Devane led the brothers to forge a bond. When Finn learned he had a daughter, making Chase an uncle, they grew even closer.

When it became clear to Chase that Janelle was up to her old tricks and that she had found another mark in wealthy scion Michael Corinthos, he took the duped man aside and informed him of the woman’s past.

Together they planned an elaborate con in which Chase pretended to still have feelings for Janelle and offered to help her extricate herself from a “controlling” Michael by any means necessary – and she chose murder!

Tragically, the plan backfired spectacularly. Michael nearly died as a result and Janelle was able to deliver the baby she was carrying and switch him with Brad Cooper’s deceased one.

Lady Love

Though he may have been left a little gun-shy where relationships were concerned, that didn’t stop Chase from falling head over heels in love with school teacher Willow Tait. He even stood by her side when she confessed to being a former member of the Dawn of Day cult and the birth mother of Brad and Lucas’s son.

He protected her from the wrath of the cult’s leader, Shiloh, and he held her when she learned that the child she had given birth to had actually died and been buried as Jonah Corinthos.

Harrison Chase – Moving Forward
With Janelle still an ever-present thorn in everyone’s side, Chase is certain that his ex must be stopped once and for all – but he refuses to entertain the notion that Willow and Michael should marry in order to proved Wiley with a stable home environment to win a custody battle.

But will he be convinced otherwise before Janelle wins full custody of her son? General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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