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Why General Hospital’s Spencer Professing Love for Trina Was A Hit

General Hospital Trina and SpencerGeneral Hospital Trina and Spencer

Fans watch soap operas waiting for those big payoff moments. General Hospital gave viewers one recently when Spencer Cassadine professed his love for Trina Robinson at Ava’s art gallery. Alas, the moment was just a fantasy in Spencer’s mind.

General Hospital – Love Story

On one hand, we were annoyed that the proclamation of love only existed in Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) mind. Trina (Tabyana Ali) has been through a lot lately and she deserves to know that Spencer has actual feelings for her. Though, he has been doing a good job of more or less hiding those feelings. Is he just not ready or is he hoping to keep Esme Prince (Kristen Avery Pohl) at bay?

Trina Robinson Deserves Justice and Truth

Spencer seemingly was wearing his heart on his sleeve at the gallery as he expressed concern for Trina. But she wasn’t hearing it. The Cassadine heir has let her down too many times for Trina to lie to herself that Spencer actually cares for her. Trina’s got plenty on her mind. She knows that she’s innocent of the criminal charges she’s facing and she doesn’t have time for Spencer’s vacillating between her and Esme. She’s too concerned with making sure she doesn’t go to jail.

General Hospital Keeps Us Wanting More

Interestingly, Spencer knows he didn’t record Cameron and Josslyn making love and he doesn’t believe Trina would hurt her pals…but he can’t bring himself to say that he believes Esme is evil. Then, viewers heard Spencer say that he was only spending time with Esme to gather evidence on her because he was falling in love with Trina!

Suddenly, the words we wanted to all hear had been spoken and with great passion. Spencer then leaned in to kiss Trina — and then we realized it was all a fantasy (seemingly, Spencer’s)! Fantasy scenes on soaps used to be more commonplace. They are a way to give viewers want they so desperately want. No sooner are they shown than viewers are jolted back into reality. That must-see moment that just occurred really didn’t.

Does Spencer Cassadine Love Trina?

Looking at moments like this is best done with a “glass is half full” approach. Sure, it would have been great if Spencer had actually spoken those words bringing much-needed support and solace to Trina. While Trina has to wait to hear them for real, viewers have at least gotten to see Spencer play that passion.

Is this how he really feels? If so, why isn’t Spencer sharing his soul with Trina? Soaps are all about tuning in tomorrow. If viewers want to find out whether or not Spencer has true feelings for Trina or not, they’re going to have to tune in tomorrow. Well done, General Hospital.

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