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Briana Lane Gives Kudos To Amanda Setton’s General Hospital Return

Briana Lane Gives Kudos To Amanda Setton's General Hospital ReturnBriana Lane Gives Kudos To Amanda Setton's General Hospital Return

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Briana Lane’s run as Brook Lynn Ashton on General Hospital wrapped up when Amanda Setton returned from maternity leave, but that hasn’t stopped fans, who adore Setton in her role, from recalling Lane’s turn on the show as Ned’s daughter.

Briana Lane Gives Love To Amanda Setton’s Performance

“#gh I’m glad Amanda Setton is back as Brook Lynn, but I actually really liked @BrianaLane as a replacement. I hope they find another role for her,” wrote @iheartfrosty on Twitter.

“Thank you!” Lane responded. “Loving watching Amanda step back in as BL. She does so beautifully and seamlessly and breaths so much life into every scene she’s in!”

Another fan said a petition has been started for GH to find another role for Lane. There’s certainly precedent for a show bringing a temporary player back for something else on a show. Actor Kevin Bernhardt stepped in for Jack Wagner briefly on GH back in 1984 as Frisco Jones. Shortly thereafter, Bernhardt was back in Port Charles as Kevin O’Conner and he remained on GH into the early 1990s.

Bethany Joy Lenz was cast on Guiding Light to play the Reva clone in her teen years. It was a short run, however, when GL needed to recast the role of Michelle Bauer, the soap invited Lenz to come back and play the role of Ed (Peter Simon) and Claire’s (Susan Pratt) daughter.

Two other examples from the ABC soap include Chloe Lanier, who made her debut as Patricia Spencer in a flashback episode that shed light on Luke (Anthony Geary) and Bobbie’s (Jacklyn Zeman) past, and then later came on as the deliciously evil Nelle. Also, Bradley Lockerman was “Casey the Alien” back in 1990; after he returned to his home planet Lumina (no, really), the actor returned to the show in another role — hotshot reporter Shep Casey.

Soap Hub is fully confident that the GH team can come up with another compelling role for Lane to take on. Will it happen? Stay tuned! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.


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