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Soap Supercouples: The Romance of General Hospital’s Frisco and Felicia

General Hospital Frisco and FeliciaGeneral Hospital Frisco and Felicia

Frisco and Felicia – he met the lady of his heart under truly peculiar circumstances and though it didn’t prove to be a love affair for the ages, this General Hospital duo certainly never experienced a dull moment.

How Did Frisco and Felicia Meet?

Frisco had assumed he was alone when he entered his bedroom and collapsed upon the mattress. So it was understandable that he became greatly startled when a man’s hand reached out from underneath his bed and snaked towards the bedside table where a recently acquired bauble laid.

Frisco lunged for the thief, then pursued him through the apartment, and down the main corridor. When he managed to tackle his quarry, Frisco was shocked to see that that the “he” he’d been chasing was actually a delicately-featured she!

An exacerbated Frisco gripped the girl’s shoulders and informed her that, “You’re in my apartment and you’re going to tell me why! Got it? Or I’m calling the police!”

“Look,” countered the feisty blonde, “I don’t have to explain myself to you. The ring is mine, and I wanted it back.” The dialogue continued and grew more heated. Finally, the mystery lady swiped her property and made yet another run for the door.

Before reaching her destination, she fell, and severely injured her ankle. Ever the gallant rescuer, Frisco scooped the failed burglar up and took her to General Hospital. As he stood outside the patient’s room, Frisco caught sight of two burly individuals lurking in the hall and he quickly grew concerned about the young woman’s safety.

He spirited her back to his abode but his act of charity was met with derision from his haughty new houseguest, whom he eventually learned was named Felicia Cummings. Their verbal sparring escalated as the days wore on and when Felicia insulted his culinary skills, Frisco fled the apartment – only to return momentarily with takeout.

Though they agreed to call a truce and shared a kiss, the pair still nagged, needled, and outright annoyed the other. Nearing the end of his rope, Frisco wondered aloud, “Who do you think you are, a princess?!” When Felicia answered in the affirmative, it sent Frisco into a fit of giggles… until he learned that she was deadly serious.

High Flying Adventure
She explained that she was a descendent of Aztec royalty and that the ring Frisco had bought and assumed to be costume jewelry was actually an ancient artifact and one of two keys able to unlock a hidden chamber deep in the Mexican jungle – a chamber that contained the remnants of her ancestors’ riches.

It quickly transpired that Felica’s duplicitous ex-fiancé, Peter Harrell, possessed the second key (a royal scepter) and that he had embroiled both himself and Luke Spencer in a robbery and murder.

Frisco and Felicia traveled down south, first to Texas – where Felicia’s grandmother owned a sprawling hacienda – and then to Mexico where they joined Luke, World Security Bureau agent Robert Scorpio, his wife Holly, and former WSB Director Sean Donely.

After a series of madcap adventures through sweltering jungles and a race back to Port Charles, Felicia was able to reclaim her legacy, but not before dedicated physician Tony Jones was shot and Donely was revealed to be a traitorous villain who had plundered and attempted to steal the priceless treasure!

Trouble Abounds

Yet another dangerous escapade followed. This time Frisco and Felicia found themselves targets of the nefarious Mr. Wu who ruled Port Charles’ Asian Quarter with an iron fist.

He survived a poisoning attempt, and the couple weathered his secret assignment to infiltrate the Asian underworld. When the case was solved (and Wu imprisoned), Felicia hoped that would be the extent of Frisco’s heroic efforts… but it had merely whetted his appetite.

Soon he enrolled in the Port Charles Police Academy and found himself thrust into a deadly mystery involving residents of the brownstone where he and Felicia and had recently moved.

While Frisco sleuthed, Felicia worried about his safety… and the time that he spent with fellow cadet Samantha Welles. Despite accepting a proposal of marriage, Felicia got cold feet days before the ceremony and called it off, saying that she’s “just not cut out to be a policeman’s wife.”

Luckily, she reconsidered. Soon after their deeming, Frisco and Felicia were forced to go on the run after stumbling upon a mob-sanctioned project entitled, “Operation Tumble Dry.”

Frisco and Felicia: The End of an Era
The adventuring continued – and it’s eventually what drove the two apart. Thrill junkie Frisco joined the WSB, and Felicia attempted to cope with her new normal.

They welcomed a daughter, Mariah Maximilliana (Maxie) and persevered through his presumed death and her infatuation with Colton Shore, but they just couldn’t reckon with the consequences of his job.

Not even the birth of a second daughter – Georgianna (AKA Georgie) could reunite the former lovers. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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