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A Different Kind of General Hospital Triangle: Who Suffered the Most?

Sonny, Carly, and Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital viewers suffered – oh, how we suffered! – during the nine long months during which Sonny Corinthos was presumed dead – but really living as a humble handyman falling in love with Nina Reeves, while his “widow” Carly Corinthos started feeling the same towards Sonny’s favorite hitman, Jason Morgan.

General Hospital: Suffering Port Charles Citizens

Well, now Sonny (Maurice Benard) is back, Nina (Cynthia Reeves) is the town pariah, and Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason (Steve Burton) are struggling to look thrilled that the man they love most is back. So who was wronged the most during this travesty? What over 2,000 viewers had to say:

And the Winner Is

Since Sonny is required to win any contest that pops up in Port Charles, 70% of the audience would like him to win this one, too. Sonny lost time with his family, he lost time with his army of trained killers, and now he might not even be the most important man in Carly’s life. No one should be forced to suffer as much as poor Sonny has suffered.

General Hospital Torn Between Two Lovers

How many times have we heard about how big Carly’s heart is? That’s why 21% of you know she’s the one who deserves all the sympathy. First, she lost the man she’s married… how many times? She never expected “till death do us part” to actually kick in! And then she fell for Jason – the man she first loved when she came to Port Charles and has loved every day since. Now Carly has to think. And Carly hates that.

The Other Woman

Only 9% have any concern for Nina’s feelings. But the ones who do are quick to point out that Carly was determined to keep Nina from her grandson, Wiley. Nina had every right to strike back. And now she’s lost Sonny. Which we all know is the worst fate that can befall any woman.

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