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General Hospital’s Sonny Should Blame Someone Other Than Nina

General Hospital Maurice Benard

Many in Port Charles will tell you that Nina Reeves is the sole person responsible for keeping Sonny Corinthos from his family on General Hospital. However, there’s someone else who could have reunited Sonny with his loved ones. Right now, that individual isn’t accepting a shred of responsibility.

General Hospital: Sonny Stayed Silent

Just who is this person who didn’t speak up when Sonny (Maurice Benard) had amnesia? Well, that person is Sonny himself! Sure, Sonny, or Mike as he was calling himself, didn’t know who he was but he surely knew that he was somebody. “Mike” was in possession of a wedding ring so he knew there was very likely a spouse out there wondering what happened to him.

He also could have surmised that there were kids out there who were missing their dad. That was certainly the case as Sonny’s children back in Port Charles were left devastated by his “death.” Mike also had a watch inscribed to “Mike” – so he took that name – but he couldn’t have known for sure that it was his watch or even his true handle.

From Nixon Falls To Port Charles

The timepiece, in fact, belonged to his late father. And while Mike (Max Gail) had gone to that great soap in the sky, there were plenty of individuals left behind who were mourning Sonny. Yes, Nina (Cynthia Watros) absolutely should have reached out to Jason (Steve Burton) or someone else – after, of course, she recovered from Carly’s (Laura Wright) verbal tongue-lashing and threats of not being able to see Wiley anymore.

Nina, however, had reasons for letting Sonny live his new life as Mike. Mike, as she pointed out, wasn’t burdened by the loss of a child (Morgan Corinthos) and he didn’t have to shoulder the responsibility of running a “coffee emporium.” He was happy in Nixon Falls.

Checking Back Into General Hospital

There were many ways in which Sonny could have tried to find out who he was. He could have gone to the local news or taken out a classified advertisement in a newspaper. Did he go to a local hospital to see if anyone was looking for him?

He could have thought in more modern terms and started a social media campaign, which would have been free and within his control. Nixon Falls was off the beaten path and far from Port Charles, however, if Sonny had set up a Facebook page or Instagram account and started following as many folks as possible, the odds are he would have been noticed by someone.

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Of course, we understand that Sonny needed to stay away from his loved ones for the story to build and to let people’s lives move on so that his return would have the maximum impact. So, we’re not saying that his efforts to discover his identity would have had to have been met with success. However, Sonny didn’t even try. He was content to let the past be the past and move on with new friends Nina, Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy), and her husband, Lenny (Rif Hutton).

Calling Sonny Out On His Choice

Not only has Sonny not admitted that he actively chose to stay hidden in Nixon Falls but his family and friends – Carly, Jason, et. al. – haven’t grilled him on why he chose to remain off the grid.

“Sonny, why didn’t you call a reporter like Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney) and do a human-interest story with your face plastered on a website?” Carly could ask. Jason could inquire why Sonny didn’t try to track down the jeweler who engraved the inscription on Mike’s watch? That inscription was paid for and Sonny/Mike could have persuaded the jeweler to share information that would have led him back home.

Sonny’s Also Responsible

Had Sonny put minimal effort into trying to learn his identity, he likely would have been reunited with his loved ones a lot earlier. In fact, if Nina had seen Sonny go on a mission to find out who he was, she likely would have helped him reach that goal.

For now, Nina’s the only General Hospital character who is being held responsible for keeping Sonny away. We know what her reasons were for staying silent. What were Sonny’s? It’d be nice to see the show’s scribes address this particular story point. Perhaps, it might lead to Sonny accepting responsibility for his actions – or rather inaction – and he could start to forgive Nina in the process.

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