Top Six OMG Moments From Big Little Lies Episode 6

Big Little Lies cast July 15, 2019Big Little Lies

The lives and loves of the Monterey Five continued to deconstruct on this week’s episode of Big Little Lies. Titled The Bad Mother, this installment shined a light on how the past informs our present and showed us that the best is yet to come — for some at least.

The custody battle for Celeste’s boys is heating up while Corey certainly has some explaining to do to Jane. Here’s a look at top six OMG moments from this week’s Big Little Lies!

To Tell The Truth
The question as to whether or not Corey’s (Douglas Smith) a cop was answered pretty quickly. He told Jane (Shailene Woodley) that he’s not but that he was brought in for questioning. He tried to help Jane by telling her that the police have said that whoever comes clean first will get a deal, but the other four? Pack your bags for the big house!

Private Investigator Followed Celeste
Celeste’s (Nicole Kidman), shall we say, “complicated” relationship with her late husband included violent fights that led to passionate sex. That was one of Season 1’s biggest lies — and now, (gulp!) everyone knows after Celeste testified. Worse yet, Mary Louise’s (Meryl Streep) lawyer showed photos of other men Celeste has had sex with.

Always A Bride!
We’ve seen Ed (Adam Scott) be Madeline’s (Reese Witherspoon) sucker and Nathan’s (James Tupper) punching bag! It was nice to see him entertain having an affair of his own. But the last thing he was expecting was to come home and find Madeline wearing her wedding gown and dancing — alone.

Bonnie’s BIG Confession!
If you thought Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) fantasizing about killing her mother Elizabeth (Crystal Fox) was her biggest moment this week, well, you’d be wrong! She read off a litany of resentments she has against her mother over her being such a bad parent, including being the reason she “settled’ on a man she didn’t… (she let that one hang).

If half the stuff Bonnie alleges is true, then Elizabeth was, like, really bad! Later, Bonnie said when she pushed Perry, she was really fighting back against her mom’s treatment of her. Our hearts broke for Bonnie in this episode.

Stress Management
We didn’t think poor (and we mean poor!) Renata’s (Laura Dern) life couldn’t get worse but it did when it came out at a hearing related to her bankruptcy that her nanny was providing “stress management” (sex) to her husband Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling). Her freakout in the car, stuffing tissues in his mouth so he wouldn’t talk, was epic!

Meryl’s Emmy?
This episode saved the best for last! Celeste addressed the court and suggested that just as her fitness to parent came into question then so should Mary Louise’s! It looks like she’ll be grilled on the stand next week! So, the following episode can’t come fast enough!

Will Celeste lose custody of her kids? Will Bonnie walk into the ocean as her mom predicted? For these and other answers, don’t miss next week! Big Little Lies airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

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