Top FIve OMG Moments From Grand Hotel Episode 7

Grand Hotel Ingrid and Javi July 30 2019Grand Hotel

The escalating tit-for-tat rivalry between neighboring hoteliers Santiago and Finn reaches a shocking new low on the latest episode of Grand Hotel. And while the two titans of industry battle it out like vicious children, Danny learns another shocking secret about Sky while Gigi continues to disappoint a loved one.

Below are the top five OMG moments we absolutely loved from the latest episode of Grand Hotel entitled Where The Sun Don’t Shine. See if our awesome moments match your own.

Side Hustle
There’s a new mystery woman at the Rivera Grand, and she’s looking for Sky. When Danny (Lincoln Younes) does some digging, he gets her to admit that she was looking to score some pills and her friends had told her that Sky was selling. Not exactly the news that Danny wanted to hear about his big sister.

A Mother/Daughter Reckoning
Gigi (Roselyn Sanchez) isn’t handling Yoli’s (Justina Adorno) public acknowledgment of her new girlfriend very well. She tries ignoring the situation and later overcompensates by throwing Yoli a big splashy coming-out party. Then, Gigi shatters her daughter by attributing a moment in Carolina’s (Feliz Ramirez) childhood to Yoli. Ouch!

Realizing she has hurt her daughter terribly, Gigi decides to finally own up to her parental shortcomings. Yes, she has always treated Yoli differently than Carolina. Gigi admits Yoli is the spitting image of Felix (father and daughter even have the same sneeze!) and seeing her every day reminds Gigi of how terribly Felix hurt her.

A New Suspect
Poor grieving Javi (Bryan Craig) is having a full-blown manic episode following Ingrid’s betrayal. Coming down off his high, Javi turns to some very hard drugs – oxycodone – and the prescription bottle bears a very familiar name: Sky Garibaldi.

Helen (Wendy Raquel Robinson) and Santiago (Demian Bichir) are sure her being undercover will solve everything. It’s just too bad that sleazy Finn wants to get Helen under HIS covers. When Finn kisses her, Helen gives him an ear-ringing slap across the face and promises to put him in a neck brace if he should ever make another attempt.

Extreme Measures
After being hit with the one-two punch of Helen’s plight and learning that El Rey (Jeancarlos Canela) is breaking his contract to join The Finn, Santiago decides to hit back — hard. He tells Mateo (Shalim Ortiz) to have his people take care of Finn but adds that he doesn’t want anyone hurt (right, because shady businessmen NEVER overreact).

The obvious solution to the problem seems to be structural sabotage as the wall fixings holding up the enormous outdoor DJ stage are compromised. The entire platform gives way and crashes onto the street below – right where Ingrid (Anne Winters) and Javi are having their long-overdue confrontation! Ingrid calls out — but there’s no sign of Javi!

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