This Is Us All-New Episode Tonight: Questions We Need It To Answer

This Is Us Randall and KevinThis Is Us Randall and Kevin

After a riveting two-hour premiere two weeks ago, This is Us returns tonight with lots of questions that viewers hope will be answered.

This Is Us — All New

The official preview for this episode says that Kevin and Madison navigate their engagement, Kate and Toby take a big step in their adoption journey, and back in time — Jack and Rebecca brace for puberty. But we want to know so much more. Here are our top questions we want to see addressed by tonight’s episode.

  1. Where is Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) mom?

The premiere episode ended with the shocking reveal that Lauren, Randall’s biological mom, survived her overdose and William left with the baby too early, believing she had died. Is she still alive all these years later? If so, why has she never tried to find her baby (or did she?) and where has she been all these years?

  1. Are Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) really headed to the altar?

Kevin proposed to his “baby mama” near the end of last week, and referred to her as his “fiancée” later in the episode. While they like each other, it’s clear they do not have the special soulmate love that the Pearson men are supposed to have. Are we really ready to accept that Sophie is forever out of Kevin’s life and he will find happiness with Madison?

  1. Will Kate (Chrissy Metz) return to singing (or anything)?

Sure, she’s busy with her son, but Kate needs to find something other to do than just bickering with Toby and whining about things. Let’s get her back in front of a microphone or find something that ignites some passion in her again.

  1. Will we see Randall’s therapist?

It’s clear Randall needs help, and he finally told his current therapist that he felt he needed to talk to a black therapist going forward, and hopefully, that happens tonight. Randall needs to get his feelings out and we need to know what’s going on in his mind. Predictions that his therapist will wind up being his long-lost mom though are a little too soapy, even for This is Us.

  1. Will we learn more about Jack’s dad?

Sure, Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) dad is a bastard, but as we learned with his stories about his little bro, he’s not always that forthcoming about his family. Last week, we saw a little bit softer side of Stanley Pearson (Peter Onorati) on the phone with Jack when the Big 3 were being born. Could he have mellowed in his later years?

  1. Where is Uncle Nick?

Last season ended with Jack’s little brother at Rebecca’s side during what appeared to be her final days—and he was wearing a wedding ring! Was he simply pretending to be Jack to keep her smiling in her last moments or did these two somehow get together in their later years? Considering Griffin Dunne was nowhere to be found in the opener, this could be something we won’t get answers to for a while.

  1. When will the Big 3 Kiss and Make Up?

There were semblances of forgiveness last week between Kevin and Randall, though kind texts were erased before being sent, and feelings held in when they saw each other. Brothers fight, and these guys need each other, so hopefully, we will see something that brings them together again and soon.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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