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Five Fast Facts About Randall Pearson on This Is Us

Randall Pearson This Is UsRandall Pearson This Is Us

All the characters on This Is Us are beloved for one reason or another, but there is definitely something extra special about Randall Pearson. Not only is he a fantastic husband, but he’s also a present father, a hard worker, a caring son, and a loving brother.

There’s just something different about Randall (Sterling K. Brown) that keeps viewers engaged and entertained. Here are five fast facts about Mr. Pearson.

College Sweethearts
Randall and his wife, Beth, seem like the only stable couple on the show, which is probably the truth. The pair actually met when they were in college together at Howard University and have been together ever since.

Mental Health Struggles
Since he was a young boy, Randall has struggled with his mental health. As a child, he had a need to always be perfect, which would often send him to a breaking point. Not to mention, when things get really stressed Randall suffers severe panic attacks.

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Complicated Job
Before deciding to quit his job to spend more time with his family and pursue a career in politics, Randall had a very complicated job in New York City. He actually worked as a Weather Commodities Trader which yes, is as complicated as it sounds!

His Brother’s Biggest Fan?
It’s no secret Randall and his brother, Kevin, didn’t always have the best relationship growing up. However, their issues spilled over into adulthood, as Randall never took the time to watch Kevin on his long-running show, The Manny. So it was a big deal when Kevin bailed on his opening night when he knew his brother was in trouble.

Fan Inspiration
Rewind about 10 years ago to when Randall and Beth did not know what they were going to name their first child. Randall, who was also having a freakout, went to the hardware store so he could fix a fan in their home. After panicking to one of the workers, Randall decides to name Tess after the brand of ceiling fan he was looking at.

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