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Five Fast Facts About Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us


Rebecca Pearson is the matriarch of the Pearson clan on This Is Us and has done a lot to raise our three favorite Pearson children, Kevin, Kate, and Randall. Though we have gotten to see Rebecca at all stages of her life — from her early 20s to her mid-80s — there’s still a lot to remember about her. Here are five fast facts about Rebecca Pearson!

1. Not Always A Kid Person
Before getting pregnant with Kate and Kevin — and adopting Randall — Rebecca (Mandy Moore) didn’t always want to have kids. In fact, when she first met Jack, Rebecca told him she didn’t have the same aspirations of getting married and having a family like other girls her age. Of course, that changed once she fell in love with Jack!

2. Facebook Connection
After Jack tragically passed away, Rebecca was left to raise their three children by herself. She wasn’t sure she’d ever find love again, that is until Jack’s best friend, Miguel, reached back out to her on Facebook. The pair started a conversation and the rest is history, they’re now married!

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3. Kyle Pearson?:
When Rebecca and Jack first adopted Randall they actually called him Kyle, which was going to be the name of their third triplet that they lost. However, Rebecca felt he wasn’t a Kyle and wanted to change his name. So, after meeting Randall’s real father and getting a book of poetry from him, Rebecca decided to name Randall after the poet.

4. Singing Inspiration
Rebecca is a fabulous singer and used to perform at open mic nights before she and Jack got married. In fact, Jack first spotted Rebecca while she was singing on stage. Rebecca reveals to Jack that she wants to be a singer like her inspiration, Joni Mitchell.

5. Drop the Scarf
After meeting with Jack the very first time, Rebecca wanted an excuse to see him again. So, she decided to leave her scarf in his car so that he’d have an excuse to see her again in order to drop it back off. And well, the rest is history!

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