Selma Blair Marks Son’s Birthday With Emotional Message

Selma Blair 2 July 25, 2019Selma Blair

It’s a big day for a special man in Selma Blair’s life. The actress’s son, Arthur, is celebrating his eighth birthday, and the proud mama couldn’t love her little man more if she tried.

The Legally Blonde star posted a collage of her son over the years, including an adorable picture of the pair when he was just a baby, to mark the milestone but it’s what she had to say that was so incredibly moving.

“8 years. 8 years of eternal love. You are giving me new life. I knew it would be hard. When I found out I was to be a mother. I didn’t know how I would be pushed. You did that Arthur,” she wrote.

“You pushed me to turn into an almost completely different kind of person. Thank you. Tomorrow you are 8. The age I started to really feel grown up and still a child. I choose you on my team every time. Every life. I choose you. Happy birthday tomorrow #arthursaintbleick.”

Blair also shared a photo of her son cutting her hair and revealed she won’t be spending his birthday with him. While the actress is dealing with the pain of Multiple Sclerosis, not being with her son is a whole other kind of pain.

“I slept two hours. There is a pain. In my head. In my throat where the tears start. I want to smell him. Tell him I am so proud of him. Hold him. And I will. Just not on his birthday. Which is today,” she wrote.

The actress also shared the story of his birth, which many women in the world can certainly relate to — and while it was incredibly long, there were also some pretty scary moments, it seems.

“It was a painful induced labor. He was weeks late according to doctors. I felt fine. He wouldn’t listen. And there was still fluid. But I was pressured , and agreed. Defeated. The inducing was horrific and no dilation. Full labor with no dilation. for 37 hours. I finally asked for an epidural,” she wrote.

“He was born at 1021 this morning. July 25. I even had to fire a doctor who said I needed a c section. And got my beloved dr paul crane back in town to easily deliver our boy. Jason cut the cord and said he looked like me. And now my kid can cut his moms hair and make jokes and assure me just by being him that I am good enough.”

Blair added, “Even if we aren’t together for this birthday. Which makes tears well, I know he is happy with dad , dancing and playing on the beach later today. What more could I really ask for. Happy birthday. My son. I love you oceans, mama.”

Blair had her son with fashion designer Jason Bleick, but the pair split in 2012.



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