Five Reasons Why Denise Richards Is Breakout Housewives Star

RHOBH Denise Richards July 23, 2019RHOBH Denise Richards

It can be very hard for new additions to be accepted after their first season, but there’s no denying Denise Richards is the breakout star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Though she’s only been on the show for one season, she’s certainly become a fan favorite and has garnered a lot of attention because she’s so different from the other ladies.

While there’s something to love about almost every single cast member on the show, here’s five reasons why Richards, who also co-stars on The Bold and the Beautiful, is the breakout star this season.

5. No Fear
Unlike other castmates, Richards isn’t afraid to bring up her past, which includes ex Charlie Sheen. She’s open about their failed marriage, what it’s like raising kids with him, and more. She talks about past mistakes so freely, it’s refreshing! While other people try to hide theirs, Richards wears them like a badge of honor.

4. Calls It Like It Is
Richards is anything but dramatic, but she doesn’t hesitate to call someone out if they’ve done something wrong. She sticks up for people when she has to, but she doesn’t get caught up in the drama that doesn’t involve her. This is a very hard thing for Housewives to balance, so it’s impressive to see Richards do it so well her first season.

3. Open and Honest
There’s no denying Richards is one tough cookie, but she’s also willing to be upfront and vulnerable on camera. She’s discussed her daughter Eloise’s chromosome disorder and how it’s affected her family. She speaks freely about raising teenage daughters and how hard it is to be away from them when she’s working.

2. Shared Past
While it can be awkward for new cast members to join, Richards already has a history with some of the women. Not only has she been friends with Lisa Rinna for a long time, but she’s also watched the franchise for many years. Because she’s so familiar with who’s on the show, she understands the role she plays within the group.

1. Laid-Back Lady 
There’s no denying most of the women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are obsessed with looking fabulous all the time, which is why it’s so nice Richards loves wearing jeans and a tank top. Her lack of interest in always being glam is a nice contrast to some of the other women, and we appreciate how casual she is.

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