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Real-Life Celebrity Breakups: Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley

Jennifer Garner and Scott FoleyJennifer Garner and Scott Foley

Jennifer Garner’s best-known relationship is with Ben Affleck, but before she and the Oscar-winner got married, she was wed to actor Scott Foley. The former couple met on set and tied the knot just a few years later, though it seemed to end as soon as it began.

Despite ultimately not working out, both Foley and Garner moved on just fine. From how the couple first met to their eventual split, find out more about this once great celebrity romance.

How Did Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley Meet?

Garner and Foley met back in 1998 when she guest-starred on Felicity, the show Foley headlined with Keri Russell. Garner played the long-distance girlfriend of Foley’s character, Noel, and though she was only on the show for two episodes, the pair had an instant connection.

Two years after meeting, the couple decided to tie the knot at their shared home on October 19, 2000. Not much is known about their nuptials, outside of the date, and they did keep the news surrounding their engagement very private.

Ben Rumors
Shortly after marrying Foley, Garner appeared in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, where she met her eventual second husband, Ben Affleck. She then co-starred with Affleck in the movie Daredevil, which also prompted rumors that she was cheating on Foley with the Boston native.

Despite claims she and Affleck did not have an affair, Affleck did later reveal Daredevil was where he and Garner fell in love, though nothing physical happened between them at that time.

Parting Ways

Following almost three years of marriage, Foley and Garner announced their separation in the spring of 2003 and officially divorced in March 2004. Garner then went on to date her Alias co-star, Michael Vartan, for less than a year before moving on to Affleck.

Regrets the Marriage
Though both Foley and Garner moved on with their lives after their divorce, Garner revealed in an interview years after their split that she regretted their marriage because she was so young at the time. She explained she wished she had waited to tie the knot until she was in her 30s, as she didn’t know as much about herself or what she wanted out of a partner when she married Foley.

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