Five Reasons Stranger Things Hopper and Joyce Need To Date ASAP

Stranger Things Hopper And Joyce June 17, 2019Stranger Things Hopper and Joyce

With Season 3 of Stranger Things dropping this July, we definitely have a few things we’d like to see in these new episodes. Not only do we not want Mike and Eleven to not have any problems, but we’d also really like to see Hopper and Joyce finally date.

Though they’re clearly great as friends, here are the five reasons why these two Stranger Things characters need to date ASAP!

5. They Have History
Both Joyce and Hopper have referenced being friends in high school. While they never dated, it’s clear they’ve always considered each other friends and that they care about what happens to each other.

4. Joyce Is Basically Eleven’s Mom
Hopper officially adopted Eleven as his daughter at the end of Season 2, which warmed our hearts. Hopper is definitely Eleven’s dad, but Joyce has basically been Eleven’s pseudo-mom for the past couple of years. She’s taken care of her as any mother would.

3. Survivors
They’ve both suffered some pretty serious trauma together. From Joyce losing her son for months to fighting monsters, they’re two of a small group of people who have experienced all of this craziness.

2. All You Need Is Love
Let’s face it, both Hopper and Joyce could use a little love right now. Hopper lost his daughter and got a divorce from his wife a few years ago and Joyce just lost her boyfriend, Bob, last season. They need someone to lean on!

1. Smokin’ Chemistry
The number one reason these two should date? They have chemistry! It’s so obvious they have feelings for each other — somebody just has to make the first move! Here’s hoping this is the season that it happens!

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