Five Reasons We Miss George O’Malley on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy June 24, 2019Grey’s Anatomy

George O’Malley sadly died on Grey’s Anatomy over a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still miss him! In fact, there’s been a big hole on the show since he left back in Season 5.

From his relationships with the other characters to his best qualities, here are the top five reasons we miss George (T.R. Knight) on the show.

5. Totally Different
When Grey’s Anatomy first began, George was a great contrast to Alex Karev’s personality. While Alex was cold and a bit hot-headed, George was sweet and kind. They played off of each other very well and their dynamic was fun to watch, especially because they were in similar situations.

4. Awkwardly Adorable
There’s truly no one like George. He was always a little bit awkward and uncomfortable, but that’s what made him the best. He was never smooth and he wasn’t always the best at picking up girls, but he was certainly very endearing.

3. Good Friend
There’s no denying George was one of the best friends ever. He stood up for the people he cared about and was so loyal, almost to a fault. He didn’t betrayal people or stab them in the back.

2. Truth Teller
Despite being a bit shy and soft-spoken at times, George also wasn’t afraid to hit people with the truth if he needed to. If he was dealing with a patient who wasn’t a good person, George wouldn’t hold back.

1. The Good Doctor
Here’s the deal, George was a great doctor. He cared for his patients, he was smart, and he was quick on his feet. He had great instincts and truly learned to trust his gut.

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