Top Five Reasons We Miss Arizona Robbins On Grey’s Anatomy


Fans were left devastated after Arizona Robbins left Grey’s Anatomy following Season 14 last year. Despite the fact she is one of the most beloved characters of all time, she was given the boot along with April Kepner.

Though we’re all trying to move on without Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), it’s hard not to miss her spirit on the show. Here are the top five reasons we miss her so dang much!

Testing Positive
Let’s be honest, most of the doctors and nurses on Grey’s Anatomy are pretty depressing and cynical. They have good reason to be after suffering from multiple near-death experiences, but there was something very special about Arizona’s positive energy. She always knew how to make a room feel brighter.

Oh Baby
Since Arizona joined the show back in Season 5, she was always one of Alex’s (Justin Chambers) biggest cheerleaders. In fact, she’s the reason he really pursued pediatrics in the first place. Now that she’s gone, Alex doesn’t truly have someone supporting him and his endeavors, besides Meredith and his wife, Jo.

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There’s A Complication
Yes, she was positive, but she was also more complicated than that. She deeply struggled with losing her leg after that terrible plane crash and went through moments of being really sad and depressed. It was interesting to watch a character who was so inherently happy struggle with the depression that can come after suffering such a trauma.

LGBTQ Trailblazer
Arizona was one of the very first LGBTQ doctors to be on Grey’s Anatomy and really paved the way for other doctors to be open about their sexuality. Plus, her relationship with Callie was a great representation of a lesbian marriage.

You’ve Got A Friend
Not only was Arizona a fantastic doctor, mother, and motivator, she was also a really good friend. She was very close with a few of the doctors, including one of her best friends, April Kepner, and always knew how to support the people closest to her.

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