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Five Fast Facts About Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy


There’s never been a character on television quite like Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. For the past 15 seasons, she has made us cry, she’s made us laugh, and most of all she’s made us think about our own lives in a very special way.

Because Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is the namesake behind Grey’s Anatomy, the show definitely revolves around her. From family connections to surviving death, here are five fast facts to know about this amazing doctor.

1. Another Sister
Fans of Grey’s Anatomy know about Meredith’s half-sister Lexie and her other half-sister Maggie, but she actually has another half-sister! In fact, Lexie has a sister named Molly Grey-Thompson.

2. Many Lives
It’s no secret Meredith has escaped death a number of times. She has been able to survive a drowning, a bomb in the hospital, a shooting in the hospital, and a plane crash. She’s like Wonder Woman!

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3. Meet Cute
While some fans think Meredith met her eventual husband Derek at the hospital where they both worked, they actually met at the bar across the street from the hospital. They had a one-night-stand and didn’t even know each other’s names until the next morning.

4. Picky Drinker
Meredith is focused on her work and determined to do a good job, but she definitely lets loose every now and then. And, when she does, she only ever drinks tequila!

5. Children’s Names
Meredith has three children with Derek and each of them have a significant family name. Their oldest daughter is named Zola Grey Shepherd, so her middle name is obviously the same as Meredith’s last name.

Their son is named Derek Bailey Shepherd, but he goes by Bailey, and he’s named after his father and Miranda Bailey. Their youngest daughter is named Ellis Shepherd after Meredith’s mother.

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