Five Fast Facts About Jenny Shepard on NCIS

NCIS Jenny Shepard May 30, 2019NCIS Director Jenny Shepard

Jenny Shepard is sadly no longer a part of NCIS anymore, but she had a big impact on the show during her time. Not only was she very close with Gibbs, but she also was the one to bring Ziva David into the NCIS family.

From her love affair to a close call with a friend, here are five fast facts about former NCIS Director Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly).

Probie Mistake
Though she was an incredible agent, incredible at politics, and “an artist with the steel,” as Mike Franks would say, Jenny actually vomited after she attended her first autopsy.

The Affair
Back in 1999, Jenny worked with Gibbs and Agent William Decker. They were stationed in Paris and ordered to kill a Russian arms dealer, his fiancée/handler and one other. While there, Jenny and Gibbs became lovers. Their affair continued to other places in Europe, including London, Serbia, and Italy.

Getaway Driver
While on assignment as a young agent in Europe, Jenny commandeered a boat for a big getaway with Ducky and Gibbs and was even able to smooth things over with French authorities when Ducky got in big trouble. She could really do it all!

Five-Point Plan
Though Jenny was in love with him, she sensed he couldn’t really commit and she eventually decided to leave Gibbs. He also wasn’t a part of her five-point plan to rise to the top of NCIS and avenge her father’s death. While ruled a suicide, she always believed René “La Grenouille” Benoit killed her father.

Life Saver
Jenny met Ziva while they were both working counter-terrorism ops in Europe. Ziva ended up saving Jenny’s life during a mission in Cairo, Egypt. Jenny was the one who wanted to work closely with Mossad and hired Ziva as a liaison between their two agencies. She also thought she would benefit greatly from working with Gibbs.

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