Does Tayshia Adams Regret Saying Cassie Wasn’t Ready For Marriage?!


Tayshia Adams told Colton Underwood during their season of The Bachelor that Cassie Randolph wasn’t ready for marriage, and she was right!

Though the 27-year-old ended up picking Randolph in the end anyway, Adams stands by what she said.

“I feel that at that time, it was a big deal to us. That’s why it was brought up.It was a little bit blown up with the media afterward,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

“I do still stand by what I said. I mean, ultimately, Cassie wasn’t ready for an engagement at the end, and that’s what I said. I didn’t make up anything.”

She continued, “She did what was right for her and they’re doing well now, so I hope that they get engaged [in the future].”

And, though she and Underwood had a strong connection, he ended up saying goodbye to her after the fantasy suite date.

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“I just felt something was off [in our fantasy suite]. I think you saw it on my face the morning after the fantasy suite, I was a little hesitant,” she shared.

In fact, during the breakup, Adams asked if they could speak privately without cameras.

“I saw such a real side of him when we were alone, without cameras, without our mic packs on, and I just felt like if he needed to say something more to my face that he didn’t want to say to the cameras, he was going to,” she shared.

“I just wanted to look him in the eyes, and I wanted him to tell me [what was going on].”

She continued, “That was my natural instinct [to comfort him]. That’s who I am, so I didn’t think exploding and yelling at him and getting upset was really going to help the situation… He had made up his mind, whether it’s the right thing or the wrong thing, and comforting him at that time was what I felt was right.”

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