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Do Cassie’s Father and Colton Underwood Get Along?! Find Out Here!

Cassie ColtonCassie Colton

Cassie Randolph had no idea Colton Underwood jumped the fence for her after she decided to walk away from The Bachelor, but she’s happy to hear he did it all in the name of love.

“It was crazy, it was very dramatic. It was a lot more intense than I imagined it being,” she told E! News after the finale.

For Underwood, he knew he didn’t want to continue on the show without the 23-year-old by his side.

“I was done with the show completely. I took my mic off, I jumped the fence, and I was gone. I just was over the show,” he explained.

“The whole point of the show is to come and find love and I found love…and you guys saw the rest of it.”

But, despite the fact that Randolph’s father initially forced her to question her relationship with Underwood, it sounds like everyone is on good terms now.

In fact, they all watched the season together down in Huntington Beach, California.

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“Her dad had the remote. When he had questions, he paused and asked the question, and we talked about it and moved on,” Underwood explained.

“It was good for him to understand sort of where we were at during that process and during the filming.”

Randolph added, “It was really funny. It made us all bond. I think it was good for everyone, like all family and us, it was nice to see how everything went.”

Though they’re now in love and happier than ever, the couple has had to deal with their fair share of doubters and haters.

“The last few weeks have actually been really hard having to deal with it, just because no one knows the ending yet and there are all these speculations, and people only see such a small percentage of who we are on the show and what they filmed,” Randolph said.

“And it was just hard for people to just jump to conclusions. People were so quick to judge sometimes, and that hurts.”

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